Thursday, December 11, 2014

The organic raw yacon syrup extract diet and how it can help your weight loss.

So what is this raw yacon syrup extract that you have been hearing so much about ? visit for more info on yacon syrup Well basically yacon syrup extract is syrup that is extracted from the tuberous roots of the yac√≥n plant that grows in the Andes Mountains. The Smallanthus sonchifolius , the name the Yacon plant is also called is used by people in Peru as well as many other countries in South America. This plant however isn’t new , it just seems to be new to us. It was used by the Incas. People in Peru eat raw yacon syrup extract because it has few calories and low sugar to help with their nutrition. The people of Bolivia eat yacon roots to help with renal disorders and diabetes. The dired leaves are used to make yacon tea in Brazil , which is said to be a antibiotic. The yacon root seen below is what is used to make yacon syrup , it has the looks similar to a sweet potato.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

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