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3 Things You Already Own That Will Make Your Conversions Skyrocket

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Think about your website. If you follow current web marketing practices, you probably have a homepage hero image that introduces who you are and your corporate mission, accompanied by a slideshow that gives an overview of each of your products or solutions. However, this one-size fits all experience does not address each visitor’s interests, needs, where they’re located, whether they’ve already downloaded your content, received an email campaign or whether they’ve already visited key pages of your site. In fact, your website, a key research tool used by consumers during their purchase decision process, remains always static – never helping to advance leads through the sales process. It’s pretty easy to see how conversions could suffer.

While marketers excel at providing quality personalized content relevant to each lead via email, the website is a critical piece of the sales process that often goes ignored. And, don’t forget, your website is a REALLY important piece of the consumer buying cycle. In Forrester’s most recent survey of business decision-makers, “68% cited the vendor’s website as an important source of information when researching and evaluating technologies and services to purchase. Only 64% said the vendor’s salesperson was important.”

So what’s a marketer to do to increase conversions and improve the visitor experience with your brand? It’s a lot easier than you think, plus you already own the assets you need to succeed:

1. Consumer Data

Your web analytics system of choice already aggregates performance analytics. It’s really easy to connect that behavioral insight to your website to better understand how visitors use your website – the content and the engagement path that drives them to convert. We call this “adding intelligence to your website.” It is this customer intelligence that enables you to create a smarter website that dynamically serves content based on the visitor’s digital body language.

Each day you wait to connect performance data to your website is a day of behavioral data lost! So setting up tracking should be priority one regardless of whether or not you are ready to serve personalized content experiences based on that data.

2. Content

A common concern of marketers when they start thinking about conversion optimization and website personalization is content. If your first thought is, “I don’t have enough content or the resources to make new content,” STOP! Step one is removing the one-size-fits all experience to get your top performing existing content in front of the right person, rather than having them self-navigate through your content. Let’s face it, chances are, they won’t do it. All it takes is a little audience segmentation and content reorganization.

3. Website

One you align content with the different audience segments visiting your website by analyzing consumer behavioral patterns, the last step is to put personalization into action on your website, serving the right content to the right person at the right time. While these changes to your website may seem small, a relevant content experience delivered right upon visitor entrance returns not only massive improvements to conversion rates, but decreases bounce rate, increases pages per visit and increases average visit duration. And it makes sense. Studies show that on average, your website has less than 10 seconds to engage a visitor before they bounce. Make them count!

If you’re ready to put your data, content and website to work to improve web conversions and all other web performance metrics, we’d love to help you get started in the right direction! Drop us a note here!

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3 Things You Already Own That Will Make Your Conversions Skyrocket

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