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LinkedIn Will Open Publishing Platform “Soon” to All Members

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LinkedIn is opening its publishing platform to all its members. Last week, the platform was opened to about 25,000 users. More will be added gradually until every member has publishing privileges. Multiple languages will also be supported when the service is fully implemented.

Until recently, the ability to publish articles was reserved for well-known leaders like Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, and Richard Branson. With publishing privileges being opened to all members soon, LinkedIn can become a place where you build your brand and share your expertise too.

In a recent post on the official LinkedIn blog, Ryan Roslansky, director of product management, explained:

“The valuable Influencer posts and the wide range of professional content from millions of publishers that we currently aggregate on LinkedIn are powerful, but only the tip of the iceberg. Combined, our members have extremely valuable and varied experiences; however, their knowledge and expertise has not yet been captured and shared.”

Posts you publish will appear as part of your professional profile. From there they can be shared with your immediate network. Your network will be able to comment, like, and share your posts within their networks.

Photos, videos, other images, and SlideShare presentations can be shared through Influencer posts too, Roslansky noted.

Influencer posts can also reach a much broader audience through the LinkedIn network. Other members not in your immediate network can follow your Influencer posts and like them, sharing them with their networks.

LinkedIn introduced Influencers in 2012. At that time, only 150 Influencers were selected to post content. Since then, dozens more Influencers have been added.

Recent topics from Influencer posts range from hiring advice to business trends. Last July, LinkedIn added a social feature to Influencer posts that allowed you to comment on, like, and share these posts with your network, a previous post on the official LinkedIn blog explains.

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LinkedIn Will Open Publishing Platform “Soon” to All Members

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