Monday, February 24, 2014

Time Management is Key for Successful Content Marketing

Successful content marketing requires time management and a very well laid out plan. When it comes to content marketing you need to focus on quality and creating quality content takes time. The days of paying a “writer” overseas to write content for pennies is over. There are still some low quality churn and burn sites that load their sites with scraped and spun content but they are only concerned with ranking their low quality website for a few days and then starting over. Hardly a well thought out long term business strategy.

You need to create content that is engaging. Forget about the length and the number of words. Think about the person sitting at their computer or on their mobile device reading your content. Will they be engaged and be prompted to want to visit more pages of your website, make a purchase, or request additional information? That is the goal. It doesn’t matter if you get your message across in 300 words or 2,000 words. You want to develop content that creates actions such as social shares, lead submissions, and credit card pixels firing.

The best person to develop content for your website is YOU! You are the expert on your business and who else knows more about your business other than yourself? It be quite expensive to hire a full time content creator so in the beginning you should handle the content creation in order to allocate marketing funds to other areas to help the business grow. The biggest obstacle to overcome is the time constraints. Owning a business is a 24/7 job but you need to make time for your content. Here are some tips to help you create high quality content on a regular basis while not getting in the way of your other business obligations.

Morning Coffee & Content

When you wake up in the morning you are fresh and you don’t have a million things on your mind and a lengthy “to do” list in front of you. When you get into the office you have emails to return, phone calls to take, and meetings to attend to. Dedicate time each morning to work on creating content. This can be something as simple as typing on your laptop for 30 minutes while you have your morning coffee. Once you get into a routine you will see that it can be done and you end up creating very good content because you are doing it while your mind is fresh.

Keep Topic Notes

Keep a notepad or a “notes” app on your smartphone and add new topics throughout the day. You will get the best topic ideas when issues, problems, questions, and solutions pop up within your business. Most business owners don’t have the ability to immediately jump on their computer to create content when they think of a good idea so make sure that you have a way to write those ideas down as soon as they enter your mind. Also, when you have a large list of topics it makes your job in the morning much easier. You will not waste time thinking about what you should be writing about. When done correctly you will have plenty to touch on.

Track Social Shares & Engagement

Keep an eye on your content and see what generates the most buzz and action. This can include social share and also engagement time on your website. Using analytics you can see if users bounced off the site or went onto other pages. If you see that a specific focus of your content is receiving more shares and resulting in more engagement then those are topics and areas that you should be focusing on.

Make sure that you stay consistent and continue to build your content marketing strategy. When done correctly it will help your SEO, but equally important is the engagement you will receive from consumers that have a high potential to translate into revenue. After all, without revenue a business will not survive long at all.

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Time Management is Key for Successful Content Marketing

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