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The Lazy Blogger’s Guide to Kick-Butt Blog Writing

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I already suggested who else could do your blog writing if you hate blogging. But if you missed that blog, we’ve got plenty of other options for the lazy blogger too.

So, if you don’t want to write everyday, don’t have the time, or have exhausted your brain power, relax – there are lots of great options for kick-butt blogs that still resonate with your audience. Here we go:

Use Pictures

When I first saw a few of these blogs, I got annoyed that I had to scroll the length of the pictures to read the captions under them. Therefore, be sure you don’t sell blog writing that uses mostly pictures the same way you do a written blog.

Call your blog title something that tells the reader what to expect (pictures!):

  • 10 Photos That Really Inspire Me

  • 4 Pictures That Sum Up the Day of a Life Coach

  • Hard Fact: 6 Photos That Prove My Point About War

  • 3 Gorgeous Beaches You Have to See to Believe

Do Opinion Pieces

The fastest, easiest way to bang out a blog is to pick a topic you feel passionate about. Opinions are literally you, saying to your audience, “Here’s what I think.” How easy is that?

For lazy blog writing, just pick something relevant to your field. You can review a software platform (i.e. Drupal vs. WordPress), talk about a program someone else is running, or give your thoughts on a piece of media.

The highest traffic pieces come from strongly worded topics like, “Why I Hate the War on Drugs.” Make sure that you get lots of spunky emotion into your title if you want to use this tactic; the more outrageous you are are, the more potential link backs you get.

Ask for Guest Posts

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about guest posts and how to use them to increase sales. Now, it’s time to use them for lazy blog writing.

Take a day off and ask people you know to contribute to your blog for you. Choose folks with an engaging voice who understand how to write in-depth content that’s relevant to your list.

If you are just starting out, consider cross-pollinating with someone unrelated to your industry. So, for your medical clinic, see if you can get a high-traffic travel agency to write you a guest post about, How to Avoid Jet Lag, or a True Story About Medical Injury Abroad.

List of Links to Other Writers’ Work

Google juice aside, if you have an established blog that’s been around for a while, the very best lazy blogging can be comprised of simply linking to other sources to form one big, fat new source. (Crazy, right?)

It looks like:

  • A top ten list (10 Cool Articles on Ireland)

  • 6 Awesome Blog Writing Resources

  • 3 WordPress Plugins You Should Learn More About

Just write the intros and lead-ins, and throw your blog writing up. That’s it. I will also give you bonus points if you reach out to each of the folks you mention and send them a “love note” – Hey! I love your resource on blogging so I linked to it in this post .

Now, take the afternoon off, you lazy blog writer, you. You’ve got this blog in the bag.

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The Lazy Blogger’s Guide to Kick-Butt Blog Writing

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