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10 Steps to Finding Profitable Guest Blogging Opportunities

Finding the perfect guest blogging opportunity that pays well is not an easy task. However, that only means that if you have the right skills and good strategies to help you in your search, you can easily outdo other writers lacking such skills.

Therefore, here is a list of 10 steps to finding profitable guest blogging opportunities, that will guide you through the entire process and ensuring you continually get profitable guest blogging opportunities:

Phase One: The Preparation

The first set of steps involves a key phase that every prospective guest blogger must observe: preparation. Without this vital phase, all your efforts at finding lucrative guest blogging opportunities will hardly succeed.

1. Identify Your Key Specialty

The importance of having an area of expertise cannot be over-emphasized. Basically, many websites that offer guest blogging opportunities tend to focus on particular topics. Hence, they have a high regard for the opinions of experts in these particular fields. Being an expert, either by way of long-term experience or academic/ professional qualification, you stand a better chance of being considered for guest blogging gigs.

Take note that you can still get involved in other topics, but you must have one strong area that you are truly passionate about and have diverse experience or full competence in.

2. Build Your Public Online Profile

In the online world, having no public online profile, is much like a briefcase company in the real world. Your online profile shows that you truly exist and also unashamedly displays your capability for all interested individuals.

Make sure that your profile has clearly elaborated contact details, as well as a comprehensive resume that details your work experience, academic/ professional qualification and sample works. In fact, your online profile might actually draw in prospective clients interested in hiring you as a blogger.

3. Polish up Your Pitch

Never wait until the last minute – when you have to submit an application letter – in order to formulate a powerful pitch. You can easily miss out important details during a last-minute rush, which will hamper your efforts at creating a good first impression.

Always have a pre-formulated pitch that shores up your best points and brings out a convincing argument why you are the best candidate for a particular guest blogging opportunity. If you intend to pitch for guest blogging opportunities in different fields, you can pre-formulate several pitches suited to each field.

Phase Two: Searching For Opportunities

The search for guest blogging gigs would require quite a bit of creativity and patience. You have to keep in mind that countless other bloggers are doing the very same thing; hence you need to try out something different so as to get opportunities that are not only lucrative, but also less competitive.

4. Join Blogging Forums

Participating in quality blogging forums offers the best chance to at discovering lucrative and less-known guest blogging opportunities. Many times, bloggers would not readily share their websites ‘secret’. However, by developing a rapport with them, you will soon gain such exclusive information.

Patience and regular participation are good assets that will serve you well in the process of building a wide network in blogging forums through. Through these networks, you will have greater chances of finding the lucrative guest blogging opportunities.

5. Register in Niche Job Posting Sites

Regular job posting sites will generally give you blogging opportunities that usually pay much less than opportunities found in niche job posting sites. Actually, the fact that many of these niche job posting sites are much less frequented than regular sites, further reduces the competition for such blogging opportunities.

6. Subscribe to Mailing Lists of Resourceful Sites

Various sites are dedicated to providing bloggers with useful resources. By subscribing to mail updates from such sites, you can receive alerts for exclusive guest blogging opportunities. Through the mail updates, you can also find useful resources to help in the search for even more lucrative jobs.

7. Search through Social Sites

Blog owners might also share exclusive guest blogging opportunities with their networks on social sites. To track of such opportunities, you can regularly search through social sites for articles or posts bearing keywords related to your target blogging field. Moreover, you can join various social networks that offer information related to blogging opportunities.

8. Use Different Search Engines

Don’t just depend on Google, there are countless other search engines including Bing and Yahoo. Each search engine has different ways of ranking search results, which increases your chances of getting a diversity of sites from which to select the best guest blogging opportunities.

Try out different search terms while using search engines. This will give you a wider variety of search results.

Phase Three: Applying for Guest blogging Opportunities

The last phase involves a delicate process of applying to websites that you have found through your search for prospective guest blogging opportunities.

9. Send out as Many Requests as Possible

Never give up if you get one, two or even more rejections. Simply improve on your shortcomings and keep trying. With patience, you will soon achieve your target.

You can even use your own blog to post an article related to a specific website that you wish to write for and place in a link to the website. Then while sending your request, make mention of this fact, which will build an even stronger case to your favour.

10. Interact With the Target Website Owner

After sending in your request – and even before doing so – you should seek to build a rapport with owners of the websites for which you intend to write. Doing this will help build a favourable and memorable impression of your expertise. By reading and commenting on articles within the website, you will also develop a feel for the expected writing style. In fact, several reputable websites that offer guest blogging opportunities require interested bloggers to participate in their social forums in order to be well acquainted with what is expected of them. Even after writing a blog, you would also be expected to reply to comments by readers.

When you get your first guest blogging opportunity, make sure to give It your best effort. Keep in mind that this first gig as a guest blogger could either make or break your chances of getting future opportunities. Therefore, treat is as a further strategy to help you find even more profitable guest blogging opportunities.

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10 Steps to Finding Profitable Guest Blogging Opportunities

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