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3 Lesser-Known Blogging Tips to Create A Massively Popular Blog

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Did you know that ~90% of the blogs never make even $100?

The reason is simple. Everyone starts a blog or website to drive more traffic and make more money. No one really cares about answering the question – what’s in it for me.

Most online marketers say you have to create and develop your unique selling point (USP) to make more sales. The truth is you don’t have to spend your time and energy in finding a USP, you just have to figure out what are you passionate about and how can you solve your audiences problems. Start a blog and starting giving solutions to each and every problem your audience might have.

Here are few unique blogging tips to create a popular blog even if you are a newbie. Let’s jump into the details.

How to create a popular blog in a crowded niche?

#1. Choose just ONE audience

Don’t be jack of all trades. Become an expert in one topic. Just one.

Let’s say you are interested in writing about travelling. You simply can’t build a popular blog related to travelling because there are already tons of websites out there. It takes years to stand out from others if you are choosing a crowded niche. It becomes much easier if you focus on sharing your tips on “travelling in Canada” or something that is extremely specific.

The best way to stand out is to focus on a specific topic. Choosing specific audience can attract more attention in less time.

By focusing on one audience how can I get more traffic and sales, you may ask.

It is something what most marketers call “Divide and conquer” technique. When you are just starting out, focus on building audience related to one topic. After writing in-depth articles related to the same topic and building a super community around it, you can then start another topic. Repeat until you gain huge audience.

#2. Start name dropping

One of the effective ways to build a popular blog is linking out to others too often. Don’t be selfish and link to only your old blog posts. If you want to get more attention from others, link out do it frequently.

This can help you in 2 ways.

  1. You can build strong relationships with your peers

  2. You get what you give (blogosphere often runs on win/win approach!)

But don’t practice this for the sake of getting results. Link out to others genuinely, don’t expect anything in return. Only your network can help you grow your audience, build your email list or make decent income from your blog.

#3. Your audience don’t want great content, they want solutions

This is a no-brainer. You can’t build an audience without solving their problems.

Have you ever asked yourself this question: why would anyone read or buy my stuff? If you don’t have convincing reasons, why would anyone care about you?

Online readers browse Internet for two reasons.

  1. to get entertained (why do we use Facebook or YouTube)

  2. to find solutions (why are you reading this post?)

One of the best ways to cover both of them is to create problem solving content by adding humor to your writing. It’s not easy though especially when you are starting out. But it becomes easy as you go. Always remember that people love to share your stuff if it’s infotainment (Information + Entertainment).

Here are few surefire ways to figure out what your audience are craving for.

  • Brainstorm (seriously!)

  • Browse through all the popular blogs in your niche (and think of what you can offer differently)

  • Use your email lists (take surveys) or run Facebook ads

  • Use your own blogs to ask what your audiences need

Remember that no matter how much you read related to Internet marketing, it won’t give you any results unless you put them into action. Be consistent with your actions and you’ll see the results.

Do you’ve any more tips on building a top class blog?

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3 Lesser-Known Blogging Tips to Create A Massively Popular Blog

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