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5 Must-Have Mobile Utilities for Bloggers

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Bloggers have access to a limitless audience, and the ability to publish with a single click. However, what if you step away the computer, only to check your phone and discover that one of your articles has exploded with traffic in the last hour … and there’s a major typo in the text?

Or what happens if you find that a page has a coding typo, and that’s caused your advertisements to disappear? These situations call for speedy action, but that can be difficult if you’re nowhere near a computer.

Luckily, the five types of mobile applications below can save a blogger’s day.

1. FTP Client

If your blog is installed on a third-party host, which is common among WordPress users, then you’ll want to have some level of access to your online file directories from your smartphone or tablet. This app allows you to upload images, documents, and other files from your mobile device.

In addition, you can dig into your blog’s code and update it. Apps such as FTP 2 Go or FTP Ready! allow mobile users to upload and download files to a blog server. Make sure you have a backup of your files just in case you accidentally delete something important!

2. Word Processor

There are endless word-processing options for mobile devices. Microsoft Office Mobile and Apple’s Pages will give you a desktop-like experience.

If you need a plain-text editor for writing HTML, then check out the Simpletext app for iOS and Android, which also syncs your notes with a heap of cloud backups.

3. Image Manipulator

Bloggers often need to resize, crop, or annotate images before posting them online. You’ve probably returned to a blog post at some point after publishing, only to learn that the image is rotated on mobile devices or incorrectly formatted.

Instead of rushing back home, you can use an image editing app — Adobe Photoshop Express or Skitch, for example — to adjust, manipulate, and mark up a photo. The new photo can then be uploaded to your post via the blog service’s mobile app or with your FTP client app.

4. Remote Desktop

Have you ever used a remote-controlled car, like one of the cool gadgets at airsoftrc.com? Remember how fun that was?

Well, remote desktop software brings the same concept to your mobile device. It allows you to access and control your home or office computer from your smartphone or tablet.

LogMeIn and Mocha VNC are just a couple of examples of apps that build this connection. Keep in mind, however, that your computer must be powered on and connected to the Internet in order for your mobile device to connect to it remotely.

5. Analytics

Metrics are crucial to your blog post strategy. How do you know when most of your readers are engaging with your posts? Are you reaching your goals, or do you need to sharpen your blog titles, article content, and keyword strategy?

Having your analytics at your fingertips can help you pull ahead in the game, since you’ll be able to keep an eye on what’s working, and what’s not. Be sure to snag the Google Analytics and Facebook Pages apps; they can provide you with a wealth of insights.

From mini fixes to major disasters, having a few critical apps on your mobile devices can alleviate problems. Don’t get stuck away from your keyboard, biting your fingernails while something avoidable occurs on your blog. Take control of the situation by downloading some of these excellent utility apps!

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5 Must-Have Mobile Utilities for Bloggers

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