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9 Most Popular Marketing Apps in the Salesforce AppExchange

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Launched in 2006, Salesforce’s AppExchange predates Apple’s App Store by two years and has become one of the largest enterprise app marketplaces with over 2.2 million installs from 2,100 apps (44% free and 56% paid), according to the AppExchange homepage.

Unfortunately, usage statistics are not published, so rather I proxied popularity from the number of reviews. In addition, I also looked at those apps rate 4 stars or higher (out of 5). Not surprisingly, marketing automation software is among the most popular with Hubspot having more than twice the reviews of any other marketing application. Here’s the full list:

Hubspot (531 reviews)

Attract visitors, convert them into leads, and turn your leads into delighted customers. HubSpot’s software includes all the tools you need to do inbound marketing, plus award winning services and support to help companies master inbound marketing.

Genius Pro Marketer (223 reviews)

Genius provides marketing automation, demand generation and email marketing solutions designed to meet the needs of both Sales and Marketing. Marketing manages the campaigns, while Sales reps receive real-time engagement alerts to the hottest leads!

iContact (151 reviews)

iContact for Salesforce lets you send personalized, mass messages using custom fields you have created in Salesforce. Simply build your email marketing templates in Salesforce with the merge fields you need, and let iContact validate the merge fields and send your messages.

Act-On (127 reviews)

Act-On’s marketing automation platform provides a seamless integration with Salesforce. Marketers generate, qualify and score leads from multiple channels and sync with Salesforce.

Manticore (121 reviews)

Powerful, yet easy-to-use marketing automation including email & landing page design wizard, lead scoring, automated lead nurturing programs, visitor tracking, & unmatched integration.

Bizible (92 reviews)

Track the marketing sources of your leads, from AdWords to social to email, so you can close the loop between online marketing and revenue to optimize marketing by ROI. Replicate your best leads and close more deals by surfacing detailed visitor behavior and information to sales.

Pardot (90 reviews)

Pardot helps sales and marketing departments team up to maximize efficiency and increase revenue. With Pardot’s easy-to-use marketing automation suite, you can automatically track, score, and nurture prospects throughout the sales cycle.

Bridgemail (39 reviews)

Bridgemail System is an advanced email marketing tool that allows users to seamlessly execute email marketing campaigns. The platform is equipped with marketing automation for lead scoring, lead nurturing, alerts, and 100% customizable analytics.

Campaign Calendar (38 reviews)

Campaign Calendar makes working with your Salesforce Campaigns even better by generating an interactive Marketing calendar inside your Salesforce instance. The Campaign Calendar gives you a single place to schedule, review and execute your marketing efforts, and because it “lives” in Salesforce it’s simple to share it with the rest of the company.

What are your favorite apps in the AppExchange?

Source: B2C_Business

9 Most Popular Marketing Apps in the Salesforce AppExchange

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