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Flappy Bird Can Make You A Better Blogger

Flappy bird

I can’t write these past few days and that’s because I’m on a mission to get a little round bird fly through pipes.

Yes, I’ve been playing Flappy Bird just like every other person on the planet.

The thing is this seemingly simple game (you just have to tap to make the bird airborne and avoid hitting the pipes) but it’s so freaking hard to do! Getting through the first 2 pipes is a huge challenge. Imagine getting a score of 100. That’s next to impossible!

I only managed to reach 80 after 3 days of almost non-stop playing. I think I spent at least 12 hours on my phone a day trying to get it right. At first I thought something must be wrong with me to not get that damn bird from crashing to the pipes and, more significantly, spending all that time playing a mobile game.

But so many others are in it as well. My Facebook timeline is filled with Flappy Bird scores and that told me that the world is crazy about Flappy Bird.

Then it hit me. If only we have the same dedication to writing we’d have better blogs.

Flappy Bird can teach us a lot about blogging.

It’s really simple

Blogging isn’t complicated just like the game. The rule is simple: continue flying and avoid hitting the pipes. Sounds simple, right?

As a blogger, you have to write posts regularly, get people to read and share. But…

It’s harder than it looks

After you’ve bumped into the first pipe you’ll realize that this game is tougher than it looks. It takes a lot of precision and patience to make the bird stay in the air. I crash 7 times out of 10.

Blogging is like that, too. Once you set up your blog, generating ideas and producing well-written posts can be hard. There will be times when you can’t write anything or realize, at the end of the day, that you don’t like what you’ve written. But even if these things happen, you’re left with no choice but to…

Keep on tapping no matter how many times you crash

What do you feel after each crash? Frustration? Anger?

I always resist the urge to throw my phone to a wall when this happens. It’s really annoying and frustrating. But after a few seconds, I feel even more determined to make it farther and beat my last score, so that’s what I do. It doesn’t always happen, but I just keep on playing until I get a better score.

The same thing applies when blogging. You will not always have a successful blog post–one that gets tons of views, likes and shares–but it shouldn’t make you want to stop. Instead, it will fuel your motivation and push you to write better posts. You’ll be more driven and determined to become find more interesting topics, write better headlines and create effective copy.

You’re as good as your last score

You can’t brag unless you have a high score, right? It’s the same with your blog. No one will think of you as a great writer/blogger if your most recent blog post is mediocre–lame headline, lots of unnecessary sentences and ineffective call to action.

So what you need to do is take as much time as you need to fine tune your headline, edit and revise your post and make sure that it packs a punch. Make sure that your latest post is something you’ll be proud to share to the rest of the world.

Hone your concentration skills

Because you’re playing on your phone or tablet, it’s easy to get distracted when you get notifications for text messages and others. I crash every time a text comes in.

It’s hard to concentrate on the tapping when you pay attention to distractions like this. Just focus on the bird.

When blogging, don’t pay much attention to anything else. Just write. Turn off distractions like your phone. Close browser tabs and log out of your social media accounts. Don’t peek into your email inbox. Don’t talk to anyone. Shut yourself in a room and just write.

It’ll be hard to hone your concentration skills because there will always be something or someone who will distract you, like friends coming over, parents calling, pets trying to get your attention and social media. Believe me, it’s hard. Even if you promise to stay focused, you will still give in to temptation.

The best way to fully concentrate on your work is to give yourself no choice but to write. Use distraction-free writing tools. These will get rid of everything in your screen so you can just see the words you type. Plug in those earphones to shut out the noise in your surroundings.

Don’t stop playing

Flappy Bird is fun and addictive. Even if you have other things to do you can’t help but continue playing because you’re dead-set on beating your last score. Eventually you’ll get the hang of it and score higher. Then you’ll want to get an even higher score so you’ll continue playing.

To become a better blogger you have to keep on writing. Write. Write. Write. Don’t stop learning new tips and techniques. Practice and fine tune your posts. Market your blog more to generate more likes, comments and shares. Don’t stop. Be better than your last post.

See how you can take inspiration from a fun game like Flappy Bird and get better at blogging?

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go back and beat my score of 80.

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Flappy Bird Can Make You A Better Blogger

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