Friday, February 21, 2014

Free Shirt Friday- Millionaire Network @Millionairecom

This week’s Free Shirt Friday comes to us from Millionaire Network. The Millionaire Network is an invitation-only, private network operated by and for seven-figure affiliates. Millionaire Network includes only the top 5 percent of US publishers, who must meet rigorous quality and performance standards. Millionaire Network delivers higher-quality, higher-volume traffic from fewer publishers that converts more effectively, free of click fraud. It offers access to a host of other services through Piranha Media, a full-service performance marketing agency.

Advertisers enjoy higher-quality, higher-volume traffic from fewer publishers that convert more effectively. They also have access to a world class, award-winning creative services team that can develop and optimize campaigns. To join Millionaire Network even top-ranked publishers must prove their business practices and reputation align with their network standards. As a reward, publishers enjoy exclusive offers from brand -name advertisers who compensate them well. And, they won’t have to compete with small or shady publishers that can tarnish their reputation by association. They screen advertisers too because they’re dedicated to preserving the integrity of our entire network. They work closely with them to bring you exclusive offers that are appropriate for the most successful publisher

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Free Shirt Friday- Millionaire Network @Millionairecom

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