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Help Choose the New Blogging.org Logo Design

Blogging org Logo

Creating an awesome logo for my sites is always something I take a lot of time and effort in. The branding of your business is extremely important. This can clearly be seen through my “Zac Johnson” toon on ZacJohnson.com, as it’s been quite branded and well recognized in the affiliate and blogging space.

BloggingTips.com also has a unique logo design of it’s own, even though it is quite simple. The common goal with any logo design is to make sure it’s brandable and that it delivers a message when it is continually seen. The more people see your logo, the more trustworthy and beneficial it will be for your business and the customer.

As for Blogging.org, this site has been all over the place. The original plan for the site was to be a blog on everything about “blogging”… but isn’t there enough of these out there already. It’s a killer domain name, so it needs to be a killer web site. After $50,000 in design and programming costs we decided to launch a marketplace for writers and bloggers to connect. Once Google started killing off the link networks, the demand for mass content quickly came to a close and the business of running this type of site was something we ended up not wanting to pursue. My partner and I decided to put the site up for sale, which eventually ended up being me buying my partner out and having full rights to the site.

Now it’s time for Blogging.org 3.0… a completely new direction, with a new look and feel. The new site (which will go live in the next few weeks) will be a complete WordPress / Blogging training course from beginning to end.

Before I launch the site I want to make sure it had a great logo in place for the site design and all of the videos being created for the site. The question now is… keep the previous/current logo or make a change with a new one.

Current Logo:

Last week I setup a 7 day design contest through LogoMyWay.com (a great site by the way) and I’ve had over 150 different logo concepts come through so far. None of them have been “Wow, that’s exactly what I’m looking for!” – but I have seen some decent ones. Right now I’ve narrowed it down to the few featured below. There are still a few hours left in the contest, so something amazing might still come up/

Possible New Design:

Blogging Org DesignWhat Blogging.org Logo Design Do You Like Best?

I’ve seen a ton of logos and I’m quite fond of the current logo being used on Blogging.org, but I’m not married to it. Now I leave the decision up to you, the audience of BloggingTips.com! Please let me know what you think about the current Blogging.org design logos, which you like best, what you hate about them and what direction you think we should go!

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from many of you in the comments below!

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Help Choose the New Blogging.org Logo Design

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