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How to Earn 90% Commissions on Travel Referrals


When you are planning to go on a trip somewhere, do you go directly to the website of just one airline and simply accept whatever price they have for the flight that you want? Probably not, right? Chances are that you do at least a little bit of comparison shopping, seeing if you can score a better deal with a different airline or if you can save some money by moving your travel dates around. This is an even bigger deal when you look at booking hotels.

Now, what if you were to look at this situation through a different set of eyes? Instead of being the customer yourself, what if you could be the one helping customers find the flights and hotels that they need, all while generating some great passive income for yourself? That’s where the TravelPayouts affiliate program can come into the picture.

The Travel Affiliate Program

TravelPayouts has partnered with three main search engines to provide visitors with the ability to find the best deals on flights and hotels. By using TravelPayouts, you can then earn yourself some healthy commissions.

The goal of TravelPayouts is to help travlers “pick up their flights and accommodation cheaply, easily and fast.” They use JetRadar as the flight search engine, scouring through multiple airlines for nearly every route around the world. The site supports multiple languages and different currencies for the greatest possible compatibility. For hotels, the search engine used is HotelLook, listing rooms in more than 250,000 hotels across over 200 countries. For Eastern Europe, they have AviaSales with its network of 728 airlines.


Here is an example search that I conducted through JetRadar, looking for flights between Vancouver (YVR) and Hong Kong (HKG) for some random dates in April. As a visitor, the interface will feel very familiar, including multiple options and sliders along the left sidebar for choosing the number of stopovers, the flight price range, the total connection time and so on. The customer experience is a positive and robust one.

Diving into the Dashboard

The process for joining the affiliate program is instant. You simply provide your name, password and e-mail address to get started. There is no verification process and you can update your profile after logging in. That’s where you’ll find the main dashboard.


The main affiliate dashboard is easy enough to follow if you’ve ever signed up for any other affiliate programs. The metrics and data are roughly broken down into either flights or hotels, displaying the number of visitors, clicks, paid clicks, bookings, revenue, referrals, click-thru rate and so on for today, yesterday, this month and last month. Diving deeper into the reports, you’ll find even more detailed data, including information about each submitted form.

Promoting the Program

In terms of getting people to use the search engines for hotels and flights, you are presented with a few different options. At its most basic, you can post an affiliate link on your website, blog or social network page and people can click through to the corresponding landing page to conduct their search. A more robust option is to post a fully functional search form to your webpage.


You can accept the default search form, simply copying and pasting the web code where you will, but there are also many options for customizing this form. You can adjust the width of the widget, change the color scheme (including creating a custom scheme), choose the module type, choose between a standard or compact form, activate the “best offers” option, define the default currency and more. The full Javascript code is available, as well as the choice for a single-line short code.

Beyond this, you can post links to the mobile apps and earn income from the reservations made using these apps for one year or you can refer in new TravelPayouts partners and earn 5% of the income they generate through the program. There is also a white label opportunity, as well as widget maps of current low prices.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The exact commission will vary based on the individual bookings, but TravelPayouts says that the average affiliate partner earns about $9 for each airline ticket sold and about $20 from each hotel reservation. That’s with the standard commission rate.

If you register for TravelPayouts now and activate your account before March 1, you will earn 90% of the revenue generated from flights and hotels for the first three months. To get this special rate, enter the promo code ZJPROMO when signing up.

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How to Earn 90% Commissions on Travel Referrals

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