Friday, February 7, 2014

How to Explode Traffic to Your Latest Blog Posts

Let’s say, you’ve written a quality post and you want as many people to know about it as possible. Then you have to take a few steps to help people find your post among all the posts that have ever been published.

So, what should you do to get maximum exposure for your content?

  1. Ensure you write a post that is worth sharing, a post that has true value, a post that people will want to link to.

    Only if is this is the case, keep reading. The point is I’m one of those who prefer quality rather than quantity. I don’t want to help someone promote poor content.

  2. Publish your article on a reputable site with a wide readership. Of course, the website you publish your article on should be relevant to your own website and the topic you’re covering in your article. By the way, if your own website has a lot of visitors, there is no necessity to find some other place for your content.

  3. Spend time sharing your post on social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc); spread the word among your contacts.

  4. Contact bloggers and experts in the field who you think might be interested in your article and who will hopefully share it with their readers and followers. It takes time to do this, but if your post is really good, your efforts will be well rewarded.

  5. Find articles on the same topic and comment on them with a link to your article. Of course, no spamming please; only link to your article when it’s appropriate.

  6. Visit forums in your niche and see if the topic you’ve covered in your post is being discussed there. If so, join the discussion and share a link to your article with forum members (again, no spamming please).

  7. Write more articles on the same topic and have them link to the main article (the article you’re promoting). Of course, we by no means ask you to submit the same content to different blogs. Duplicate content can only do harm to your website. What we suggest is that you write some articles that relate somehow to your main article, but give a fresh look at the same topic. For example: your main article features Top Web Design Galleries. Then you can write a few more articles like Top eCommerce Galleries, Top WordPress Galleries, etc. All these articles can include a link to your main article and it’ll be quite natural, because you tell readers where to find more information on the same topic.

  8. Submit your article to blogs that allow users to submit community news. If your main focus is web design, then you can use the following list of web design blogs. The point is all blogs on the list come with community news sections, in other words they allow web designers and other creative minds to share links to their articles with the community.

Thousands if not millions of articles are published every day. How do readers will know about your article if you don’t help them out? All the steps we’ve suggested above are free and easy to follow. So why don’t you try them to promote your content to the widest possible audience?

And of course, if you know some other ways how to drive traffic to quality blog posts, please share them in the comments.

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How to Explode Traffic to Your Latest Blog Posts

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