Thursday, February 20, 2014

Its time to get things done (and get to the front of the line)

I have been waiting for this day for quite some time. I have been using a mobile app called <a class="colorbox" title="

Cmd+click or tap to follow link” href=”″ target=”_blank”>Acompli.

I was approached a while back from a good friend of mine named Kevin Henrikson about being an initial alpha/beta tester for this app but it was under very very tight confidentiality.

Kevin was one of the key members of Zimbra, an enterprise email company that sold to Yahoo for $350M. He was also an attendee of Elite Retreat #1 and has been to 5 ER events.

Anyway this application is awesome. Its been an absolute game changer for me and my team. Since we started using it we have become so much more productive its insane.

Before I started using this application I had 5 places I stored files… where do we find contacts… who’s calendar has what on it… who’s doing what.

Literally I would have a important call but needed to find materials and I’m scrambling at the last minute asking my team where the files are… I am checking dropbox, google docs, skype messages, only to find it was sent to me by an email attachment… fun fun..

Acompli has truly been a magic bullet in solving these issues.

Lets get right to the point. Acompli is FINALLY launching public beta but its very limited.

However because of my relationship with the company, if you sign up through this link, they have given me 1000 guaranteed in’s.

But here is the best part.. If you get in on this beta the application is free for life!

Just incase your wondering I have not been compensated to write this post in anyway. Also I get nothing if you sign up through that link. Its simply so they can track your id to ensure you get in.

Ok here is more about Acompli:

And some high res screenshots:






Jump on this as it will fill up fast and could be many months before its open to the general public.

Make sure you sign up through this link


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Its time to get things done (and get to the front of the line)

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