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Paid Membership Sites Made Easy with MemberMouse


WordPress is a platform that is used to power all sorts of different websites, including blogs, online stores and forums. It makes sense that you can also use WordPress to power your membership site, but it needs a little help. Providing you with all the features that you need to successfully sell products and effectivelyy run a membership site is MemberMouse, an easy to use WordPress membership plugin.

What Is MemberMouse?

The big idea behind MemberMouse is that it really can provide you with everything that you need to run a membership site, regardless of the type of membership site that you want to run. You can sell products, manage member lists, offer one-click upsells, customize the experience to each member, automate customer service, track metrics and more.

You install MemberMouse the same way that you would install any other WordPress plugin. It then integrates with the rest of your WordPress installation, so there shouldn’t be any conflicts with any themes, skins or other customizations that you may be running.

Manage Monthly Subscriptions

Using MemberMouse, you can offer multiple levels of membership, selling the memberships directly from your site with your own checkout pages and integration with or PayPal to handle payments.


The most typical membership would be on a monthly basis, but you can just as easily set the rebill period for any length of time that you’d like, from one day to five years or more. You can use this same interface to sell bundles, one-off products or whatever else you’d like, including one-click upsells and downsells.

This is all done through an easy pull-down time menu from directly within your WordPress admin panel. A MemberMouse section is created with areas to manage members, product settings, checkout settings, payment settings, developer tools and so forth.

Control Protected Content

If, for example, you want to offer an online training course where the material is “dripped” to the members, you can do that with MemberMouse too.


At the simplest level, you can protect whatever content you’d like (posts and pages, entire categories, or custom post types) on a global level, only granting access to one type of membership or another. Going further, though, you can set it so that a certain page isn’t “released” to someone with a basic membership until they’ve been active for a certain number of days. This way, you can drip the content on a schedule.

There are also useful content widgets that can be placed wherever you use widgets on your WordPress site, like in the sidebar, that show currently available content or what content will be “unlocked” and when. It’s entirely up to you.

Customize with SmartTags

Do you want to create a more customized experience for your members? There is a SmartTag system that is built into MemberMouse and integrates with WordPress that lets you do this.


When you go into the standard page or post editor in WordPress, you can click on the SmartTag button to bring up a broad range of options. This can pull up on individual member details, like first name or city, as well as specialized “buy now” links, personalized member links so they can manage their own memberships, and form tags, which can be used to make something like a “forgot password” page.

It’s all very robust and very flexible, making it far easier to set up and run a professional membership-based site, all without having to deal with multiple plugins and widgets to handle these different facets.

A Comprehensive Membership Platform

MemberMouse is simultaneously one of the most complete and most straightforward to use membership site platforms to use in tandem with your existing WordPress installation. It lets you sell and manage memberships, handle one-time product bundles and upsells, protect content with a great deal of versatility, and offer a professional experience to your customers. It also integrates with services you may already use like MailChimp, AWeber, ClickBank and Stripe.

The basic starter plan for MemberMouse is $19.95 per month and allows up to 1,000 members. It provides just about all the key features you’d need, including trial offers, API support and piracy auto-locking. From there, you can upgrade to the $39.95 builder plan for up to 5000 members or the $59.95 growth plan for up to 10,000 members. There are even higher level professional plans available for even larger online communities, topping out at the unlimited member Professional plan for $599 per month. You can scale up your plan as the needs of your site grow.

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Paid Membership Sites Made Easy with MemberMouse

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