Monday, February 17, 2014

Sales Copy Templates: 5 Powerful Sales Closes

Sales Copy Templates: 5 Powerful Sales Closes image typewriter 300x230

Do you know how to ask for the sale in your copy? Use one or more of the following sales closes to seal the deal with your prospects.

Close #1: 1-2-3 – “Sign-up now to double your sales, increase your profit margin by 10%, and open the tap to your cash flow.”

The brain loves information in 3s. Use a call to action with three powerful benefits to provoke your prospect to action.

Close #2: The Take Away – “This opportunity isn’t for everyone.”

You can use the “Take Away” as a legitimate strategy to disqualify prospects who aren’t your target audience.

However, you can also use it as a close. The strategy is rooted in negative-psychology. When you push the prospect, she’ll pull away. When YOU pull away, she’ll lean in.

Close #3: The Last Chance – “This offer goes away at midnight.”

Your copy must always stress urgency, either by limiting the amount of time the prospect has to buy, or by limiting the number of widgets available (e.g. “Only 50 left”).

Without a deadline, your marketing is not measurable. Always stress urgency.

Close #4: Two Unlikely Options, And One Surefire Option – “I can think of three ways to become wealthy. 1) Hit the lottery, 2) Marry rich, or 3) Invest in my coaching program, which will explode your income to 7-figures within one year.”

The strategy here is to suggest that your product/service is the only reasonable solution to your prospect’s challenges.

Once you plant the seed, it triggers the prospect’s brain to think about whether or not she can really solve her problem without your help. Unless she’s aware of another viable solution, the answer will usually sway in your favor.

Close #5: Apples to Oranges – “You would have to invest $15,000 in a VIP day with me to get the same advice I’ll give you in this product for only $197.”

Comparing apples to oranges makes it impossible for your prospect to dispute the value of your program. You have eliminated any basis for comparison.

This also works because you’ve created a set-point of $15,000 in their mind. Then, you’ve asked them to compare $15,000 to $197. How’s that for a deal?

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Sales Copy Templates: 5 Powerful Sales Closes

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