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Two Unique Types of Guest Blogging: What, Why, When

When you think about guest blogging, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Most of us choose to guest blog for a variety of reasons:

  • Brand awareness

  • Shameless promotions

  • Money

While you can certainly pursue the marketing concept of guest blogging for a variety of reasons, the truth is that there are only two real types of guest blogging:

  • Paid Guest Blogging

  • Unpaid Guest Blogging

In this blog, let’s dig into the pros, cons, whats, whys and whens of each so that you can gain a complete understanding of why guest blogging will, or won’t, work for your business.

Paid Guest Blogging

Are you a famous blogger? Do you have a big name product or have you built a site in your own right? If you’ve spent years building a list of followers as long as your arm, you might be asked to contribute your authorship to a blog. And they would pay you for your wise words.

Secondarily, some smaller website followers will sometimes place job ads offering payment in exchange for your blogs. From $25 to $100, it just depends on what you’ll be writing about. And at first, especially if you’re a starving new writer, making a little cash seems like a great idea.

Is it?

If the point is simply to write a blog and take their money, go for it. But 9 times out of 10 there will be a catch. That catch is when:

  • You are asked to promote them on your social media networks

  • It’s a one-time post that won’t even buy you a good steak

For many paid guest blogging spots, they aren’t actually designed to help you – they are designed to help the people who are paying you to post with them. The money is just a juicy carrot to get better quality work and, secretly, get them lots more exposure on their website.

Unpaid Guest Blogging

On the other hand, you can often make excellent connections with people online. You may offer to do guest posts for them on their blog.

For absolutely free, you’ll write a pretty little guest post that they can throw up on their website. And then they tell all their friends about you. In return, since it’s cool to see your name in lights, you often tell your social media networks about them.

There is no reason not to engage your audience with a few guest posts here and there. Make sure that you are spending your precious blogging time well by ensuring:

  • The blog is well designed and in line with your brand

  • You get a link-back to your website

  • The subject matter relates to your niche

  • You don’t have to spend an hour doing edits

When done correctly, you’ll love how easy it is to generate leads just by producing good quality content. Besides the link backs, that’s what good blogging is all about. (You can also hire a ghost blogger to build these networks for you if you like.)

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Two Unique Types of Guest Blogging: What, Why, When

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