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Ultimate List of Free Ways to Get Signups Before Launching Your Startup

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A trend over the past couple of years has been to develop a “launching soon” landing page. Almost a modern take on the 90s “under construction” pages of the 90s and early 2000s, the big difference with launching soon pages is that you actually want people to discover the site through active promotion. With these visitors, you can:

  1. Validate an idea by looking at conversion and share rates

  2. Test different marketing messages

  3. Capture initial interest via email addresses

All of these can help you hit the ground running when it launches.

Below is my personal list of tactics list I’ve used to capture thousands of signups for various projects, including my latest Lead Nurturing.

Beta / Startup Galleries

  • betali.st

  • startupli.st

  • crunchbase.com

  • vbprofiles.com

  • start-ups.co

  • killerstartups.com

  • erlibird.com

Social Networks / Blogs

  • Answer and ask questions on quora.com

  • Engage with industry influencers on Twitter

  • Participate in relevant Twitter chats

  • Intelligent comments on industry blogs

  • Provide early-access perk on meetup.com groups

  • Write guest posts for relevant blogs

  • Start a blog potential users will find valuable

  • Create shareable content, such as infographics

Personal Channels

  • Linked in email signature, business cards, and personal website

  • Social posts on all social networks

  • Send a message to LinkedIn connections


  • Offer an incentive

  • A/B test messages and page treatments

  • SEO optimize the landing page with titles and descriptions


  • Go to local tech / industry events to present and/or hand out business cards

  • Use free credits for AdWords, Bing Ads, and Twitter Ads

  • Submit to design sites such as dribbble.com

A few bonus ideas:

  • Add Google AdWords and Adroll re-targeting tracking tags, but don’t run ads yet, to . Only active the ads for when your product launches.

  • Test messages using Optimizely to make the most of your traffic. I saw a 51% improvement in conversion rate when testing a “sign up” headline vs a question.

What are ways you get signups for your launching soon page?

Source: B2C_Business

Ultimate List of Free Ways to Get Signups Before Launching Your Startup

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