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VigLink’s Publisher Roundtable Brings Publishers Together

Publisher Roundup

When it comes to writing content online and coming up for new post ideas, we can use all of the help with can get. Depending on how often you write new content on your site, this might not be as big as an issue as it may seem. I personally write anywhere between 2-7 blog posts and pieces of content per day. This is mainly because I write for many different blogs and it all comes back to growing my own personal brand and business.

New content generation networks and platforms for generating new ideas go live all the time. However there is a new one from VigLink, a company best known for its link optimization and monetization tools, called Publisher Roundtable. Publisher Roundtable was designed in collaboration with Netpop, a leading market research firm, and is aimed at helping online content publishers share their ideas and experiences with a network of other publishers in order to optimize their own content creation and online marketing strategies.

The Publisher Roundtable is a free to use research platform where thousands of online content creators and marketers have assembled to share their best practices, personal experiences, and tips and tricks for maximizing ROI.

With the official launch of the Publisher Roundtable on Wednesday of last week, VigLink asked users to partake in a series of short online survey-style interviews to examine and identify the various channels that publishers have are finding most effective in promoting their site and building their audience. The surveys are primarily focused on SEO, SEM, and social media, and look to identify the channels that are the most effective for driving traffic and conversions and why. Publishers who participate in VigLink’s initial surveys will gain access to exclusive data to help make better-informed decisions around marketing, monetization, and content creation strategies.

Once you visit the Publisher Roundtable site you can register to their site and start the interview process. After the signup is completed you will then have access to the backend where you can view full reports, graphs and useful tips on how to create quality content for your site or business. All reports and data are available free for users who signup through the site.

Publisher Roundtable Question Two

Publisher Roundtable Question

While it’s still in the very early stages, we’re excited to see how The Publisher Roundtable unfolds, how publishers use it, and whether or not it can actually help publishers become more successful. There’s no doubt that a platform like this is a great step towards enabling publishers to improve their sites and work together, and hopefully it encourages a sort of industry-wide improvement of best practices. Whether you run a small personal blog or a huge, multi-voice editorial site, VigLink’s Publisher Roundtable could be an invaluable asset in helping you get the most of your time and energy online.

To learn more or participate in Publisher Roundtable, be sure to visit PublisherRoundtable.com for more information about the project, how it works, and answers to FAQs. Be sure to leave your questions and thoughts in the comments section below. We would love to hear what you think about this new platform and how you come up with new content ideas for your sites.

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VigLink’s Publisher Roundtable Brings Publishers Together

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