Thursday, February 20, 2014

What Websites Are C-Level Executives Visiting?

Virtually every B2B company wants to reach C-level executives with their marketing communications. Even if CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, CMOs, or other CXOs are not the ultimate buyer, they often influence purchases, control the purse strings, or both.

For these reasons, B2B marketers care a lot about where C-level executives go online. Bizo, a business audience marketing platform, has unique insight into where CXOs are spending time on the Internet.

Bizo has anonymous data on more than 120 million businesspeople. This data can identify Web users based on their company size, industry, seniority, and, of course, their job title. This data can be used to serve targeted display advertising to businesspeople online. Bizo’s data can also be used to determine what websites are attracting the most traffic from C-level executives.

The Bizo C-Level Index

The Bizo C-Level Index, as calculated by Bizo using data from its network, identifies the websites attracting the largest percentage of C-suite executive traffic (the Index number is in parentheses*):

1. (6.84)

2. (5.79)

3. (3.90)

4. (1.42)

5. (1.35)

6. (1.28)

7. (1.24)

8. (1.16)

9. (1.15)

10. (1.09)

11. (1.09)

12. (1.07)

13. (1.04)

14. (1.04)

15. (1.03)


The Bizo C-Level Index is a list of websites that in September 2013 attracted more than 1 million monthly uniques and also were in the top 15 of indexed C-level traffic. What does “indexed C-level traffic” mean? A website’s C-level index is based on its C-level traffic as a percentage of its overall traffic. The percentage of C-level traffic is then compared to the percentage of C-level traffic in the overall Bizo network of websites. For instance, if a particular website has C-level traffic of 10% and the overall C-level percentage of the Bizo network is 1%, that website has a Bizo C-Level Index of 10.

Source: B2C_Business

What Websites Are C-Level Executives Visiting?

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