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What’s the Secret to Writing Engaging Blog Posts? It’s Not As Complicated As You’d Think

writing from the heart

The secret to writing engaging blog posts that readers go crazy for isn’t too much of a secret.

Some bloggers may think that viral posts are results of years of writing experience and knowing all the blogging hacks like crafting catchy headlines and SEO. Though these help a lot in producing great posts, they can’t guarantee your readers will love it.

It’s like creating a robot with artificial intelligence. You follow the manual to come up with a model that does everything right except for one thing: empathize.

That’s what blog posts that exactly follow the rule are: robots that can’t connect in an emotional level.

And we know that blog posts that go viral are those that appeal to readers’ emotion. They hit a nerve in readers.

Engaging blog posts must hit a nerve

You can’t do that if you’re a stickler for rules.

Engaging blog posts are products of writing from the heart.

That’s the secret to producing engaging blog posts. It’s not that complicated, is it?

What’s interesting is many bloggers are so pressured to get tons of hits, likes, comments and shares they spend more time on the technical aspect of writing (using active words, following headline formulas, optimizing keywords, etc.) rather than writing from the heart.

This results to a dull work. It’s like reading an academic paper–boring and taxing.

You don’t want that. That kind of posts will create a disconnect with your readers.

So what do you do? The answer is very simple but hard for many of us to do.

Break the rules to produce engaging blog posts

Don’t take this the wrong way. You still need to follow the basic rules but take it upon yourself to know when it’s beneficial to go left when the sign says “right.” Deviate a little. If you feel that what you’re about to say doesn’t exactly fits the norms, do it anyway. What’s important is you get your thoughts and feelings out there. Say what you want. Be unapologetic when writing from your heart.

Don’t listen to your inner editor that’s trying to keep you in line. Take risks.

The more you write from the heart, the more emotional and compelling your blog posts will be. And that will make you more relatable to readers.

So what if your posts aren’t exactly Pulitzer-worthy? So what if your sentence structures deviate a little from what your grade school English teachers taught you? Unless you’re writing for publications or academic purposes, it’s okay to break the rules a little. As a blogger, one of your main objectives is to connect to your readers. You must establish a relationship to get something out of the things you write.

Writing from the heart will make it easier to produce more personal posts. And that’s what makes engaging blog posts.

What about you? Anything you’d like to share? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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What’s the Secret to Writing Engaging Blog Posts? It’s Not As Complicated As You’d Think

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