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5 Content Strategies That Work in 2014

The digital world has made it imperative for all business owners to have a website or at least a blog if they want to compete with the other biggies in the industry. For many, the social web comes as a boon but there are many who think of it as a curse. This is mainly because they are not aware of the techniques required to reap the maximum benefits of this cost-effective marketing tool. It is no secret that the content of a website is what gives one company an edge over the others. It’s no use if your company offers the best services but doesn’t have the right content on its website to ensure maximum visibility. For this, proper content strategies are important. Not only do they boost the equity of your website, it also helps your site rank higher up on search engine results pages. Read on for 5 Content Strategies that work in 2014.

Using Pictures with Texts

You may have heard the saying “A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words.” Content with a perfect amalgamation of pictures with texts tends to sell like hot cupcakes. So whether you’re creating content for your website or a post for a social networking site, ensure to use photos with text. Studies have proven that such content attracts users more than plain text or just a photo. Such content is more engaging, which translates into more traffic for your website, more likes and comments and more advertising. It is also important that you choose relevant pictures for your content. These pictures should clearly deliver the message you want to send out to your audience.

Using Videos

It is a proven fact that video and other interactive multimedia is a sure-shot way of grabbing the attention of readers. It is more engaging and is said to be more interesting than plain test. Having adequate amount of videos that complement your content can help your website get more traffic. However, it is important that you don’t stuff your content with too many videos. This may get confusing for users and well as make it difficult for search engines to pick up your content accurately.

Uploading Posts as Blog posts

As interesting and catchy as Facebook statuses and Tweets may be, there’s nothing more engaging than a blog post. Users generally tend to search for such content, especially when they’re looking for detailed information about a certain topic, product or news item. Such posts also offer you a larger scope to share more details about your company or business with your users and audiences. Insert interesting information along with useful statistics that keep your readers engaged for longer durations. Users who remain longer on your website or blog post are more likely to return in the future.

Defining Your Objectives and Audiences

Nothing speaks better to potential customers and clients that content designed specifically for them, outlining the things you can do for them. Say for example, you sell machinery. There’s absolutely no point in your directing your content to people who work in educational field, is there? You need to design your content in such a way that it reaches the desired audience. Similarly, your content should also define your objectives. It should clearly outline what your business stands for and the products and services you have to offer. Be it a Facebook post and website content, readers should immediately get a clear picture of the message you want to send across. It has been observed that clear and concise content is very effective in grabbing the attention of reader. This is one of the most effective content strategies that all online business owners, bloggers or web portals should use.

Using Social Networking Site to Promote Your Content

Every website or blog needs to begin from scratch. This means that they need to build equity so that search engines include them in their results page and audiences visit the website. One way of doing so is to build awareness about your website. This you can do with the help of social networking site. If you’ve noticed, all large websites have links to their social network profiles. They use these profiles to share links to their web content. Readers are then directed from these sites to their main website. Share links, pictures and posts of these social networking sites so that people become aware of your website. As your friends and family to share these links so that word of your business spreads further.

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5 Content Strategies That Work in 2014

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