Sunday, June 1, 2014

Integrating Personal Brand with Company Marketing

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This is where Search Marketing meets Social Media! (New Paradigm Shift)

People Connect with People! – It really is that simple! (People are the key! )

It is time to move past the notion that companies need to embrace social media. (Old way of thinking)

Companies need to embrace people and continue to connect with the right people and best people if they are going to move ahead. Social media and search marketing are byproducts of this integration.

Google Authorship has really showed me the power of personal branding and I think Google Search is starting to see better search results based on search data being connected with content authors for authenticity.

All of us market our companies in some fashion. The way we carry ourselves at work and outside of the work speak volumes about the way we approach our work. It is becoming increasingly important to make sure we are connected with the right people who can carry our company forward. As a partner in a large company, I have to make sure that my personal brand is reflecting strong values and high integrity. In addition, the closer I connect myself with our clients and company offerings, the more these items become a part of my nature. Everyone wants an interesting story and it is up to all of us as employees to make sure we are creating an environment that looks at the great value we are creating for our clients and the culture we are cultivating at our workplaces to insure a proper direction.

The truth is the people who connect best with people are the most successful and their companies will be successful. In addition, if you can provide people with a clear message and direction you will see results on your social media channels as well as searches. Writing content that brings you closer to your processes and readers will help you gain better knowledge of your work and will also give people a reason to connect with you. Too many people are worried about how to use twitter or how to find people on Linkedin. This type of thinking can lead to a lot of wasted time.

Start looking toward giving people something of value and sharing it through different channels and you will see greater success.

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Integrating Personal Brand with Company Marketing

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