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Offline PR Moves To Get Your Social Media Campaign Going

Offline PR Moves To Get Your Social Media Campaign Going image Twitter bird

Attracting attention to your social media campaign online is fairly simple. Often, your audience congregates on one social website or another. If you have a niche product you can look up where your intended audience hangs out and go talk to them.

However, that’s not the end of the story. Depending on online efforts sometimes is not enough, and you must go out in the community or your local areas to get people’s attention. Of course the tactics you use on the web aren’t going to work in the “real world,” so you need a different approach.

Social Media on Printed Material

Sure, you’ve thought to do this. You added your Facebook, Twitter etc. links on your business cards ages go. Who hasn’t?

Lots of people, honestly. I can’t tell you how many times I look at someone’s business card and they’ve got Facebook on there but no Twitter despite being a heavy user. Plus, are you sure you have this information on ALL your printed material? What about those pamphlets you handed out at that last conference? Or the printed out press releases you mailed out to magazines?

Any neglected material is a wasted opportunity to get eyeballs on your social media campaign, if not actively clicking on things and following you forever.

Help Sponsor or Organize an Event

Let’s say you’re introducing a new product to the world. Nobody really knows who you are yet but you think your local community will greatly benefit from your product existing. Holding an event just to premiere the product seems tacky and might backfire, but you really want to show people in person how great it is.

This is the perfect opportunity to help an event get off the ground. Ask around your community to see what events are coming up. Depending on your company’s “personality” it could be anything from a charity bike ride to an art show or a concert. As long as it gets your audience near you so you can introduce yourself it should work.

Now just make sure you’re prepared for the event. On top of putting links to your social media on hand-out material, make sure to have signs pointing the way as well. Try also giving them incentives to go check you out. Think coupons or other exclusives.

Email Newsletter Sign-Up Sheet

If you’ve been in social media for a while, you know that the general public does not like to do things for themselves. Technically if you could pick their hands up and click their mouse to your Facebook page for them they would love it. Even your friends and family have trouble actually checking out your stuff online, and they have to love you!

Letting your audience know you’ll contact THEM instead of vice versa could inspire them. Instead of having to type anything into Facebook or Twitter they can just click a link in their email and be done with it. Just be sure to have a clipboard or other signup option available for your email newsletter.

One great idea: if you know you’ll be in one spot, like a booth or you have a sign somewhere, create a QR code for people to scan and instantly be signed up for the newsletter.

How crucial are offline PR moves when it comes to social media efforts?

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Offline PR Moves To Get Your Social Media Campaign Going

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