Thursday, January 30, 2014

Boo! How to Make a Ghost Blogger Work for You


Recently, at a seminar for coaches, the presenter admitted that when she was finally able to delegate her administrative tasks to her first virtual assistant, she cried.

She wasn’t crying at the caliber of her achievement – even though having your first employee is, in fact, a huge achievement – she cried because she finally realized how hard she was working every single day to make her business successful.

When you get to the point in your small business where you need to start delegating tasks you don’t have the time for, ghost blogging is one of the easiest marketing tasks to get off your plate. (And one that drives traffic consistently to your business.)

And working with one good writer who can mimic your brand messaging and get to know your personal style, can make a huge difference in your company.

Here’s the only advice you’ll ever need to find yourself the perfect ghost blogger:

Find a voice that matches your brand

Writing voice is personal and very unique. It’s important to choose someone that closely matches the way your audience perceives you.

If you’re funny, look for someone who can be funny. For very conservative topics, you should choose a writer that will always make well-researched, intelligent points.

Understand what’s trainable and what’s not

Writers are unique in that some skills can be taught, but most can’t. You can easily help a new writer create better headlines and blog titles. Grammar is also something many editors teach their writers.

But what about how to engage an audience? When you review your ghost blogger’s portfolio, does it make you want to keep reading?

You can’t teach someone to be interesting, write with passion, or hook a reader into their work.

If you want to turn an audience into raving fans, choose a ghost blogger that inspires (or offends, or angers, or interests – it doesn’t matter as long as people get passionate.)

Establish a style guide (or hold hands for a few blogs)

Your ghost blogger probably doesn’t know you – and you don’t know them. Take the first few weeks to carefully edit their work and give feedback.

You’re shooting to establish your brand in the correct way. You want to make sure you’re marketing the company image consistently. Think about:

  • How you want headlines to look (The Dog Jumped vs The dog jumped)

  • What words shouldn’t be used

  • Buzz words in your industry

A style guide also allows you to swap out or hire multiple bloggers for your business. While you need to put some time in upfront to develop a guide, a consistent style shows your commitment to professionalism.

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Boo! How to Make a Ghost Blogger Work for You

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