Thursday, January 30, 2014

How to Buy a Blog?

Flippa and SEDO are some premium platforms from where you can buy a blog. Buying a blog could be a good investment, depending on reason for such a purchase. There is no singular manual to fit all blog purchases. You need to use discretion. Here is my simple guide to buy a blog.

5 Measures to Buy a Blog

They are:

  • Web Hosting & Domain:

Check the WHOIS records of the domain. Usually, you don’t need to pay additional hosting and domain charges while buying as the cost is inclusive. The seller usually helps to transfer the blog on your server and change the domain credentials.

  • Google Penalty:

Before you buy a blog, check whether the blog suffered any Google penalties. If yes, check what the blogger did to recover from those penalties. There is not much scope in buying a penalized blog as you have spend some time recovering it and you might not want to invest that much time.

Alternately, if interest still persists, ask the blog owner to take steps to remove penalty and once done, you can takeover.

  • Verify Statistics:

There is hardly any blog that doesn’t use Google Analytics (GA). Ask the blogger to give you admin access and login with your Gmail id to passive income like traffic sources, goals accomplished, traffic volume, page views, unique views, daily traffic potential and so on.

There is no benchmark that a blog should have a certain amount of traffic to make it sale-worthy. The benchmark depends on your pre-requisites.

  • Check Monetization:

Some people buy a blog because it’s a good source of passive income. Just place all variety of ads and start earning. Or, you could be an active blog seller, that is, a person who buys, improvises and sells the same blog at a higher price and makes a passive income. If you fall under these categories, check out the various monetization methods used by the blogger. It could be Google AdSense, InfoLinks, and BuySellAds, paid blog posting, affiliate earning and more.

Nonetheless, you could also consider buying a blog that is not generating any revenue currently but has much future potential.

  • Social Presence:

It is good to buy a blog with credible social media presence. Check out the blog’s reach via Facebook page fans, Twitter followers, Pinterest pins and Google+ followers. Make sure the social stats are legitimate and not fake. A blog with social presence has higher brand value.

These were the five basic metrics. Their importance depends on your necessities. After you buy a blog, announce it on the homepage. Further, the blog might be multi-authored. Don’t delete their presence by transferring content rights to your name.

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How to Buy a Blog?

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