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3 Tips for Super -Successful Guest Blogging

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How often do you guest blog for other companies? The right guest blogging strategy wrapped into your traditional marketing plan can give you phenomenal results.

But you have to know how to do it correctly and understand the careful balance between good and bad guest blogging.

Start by considering your blog strategy for 2014. Remember that good blogging always involves a preconceived strategy targeted at the results you want.

Here are three super things you need to know:

Target their audience, not yours.

Cross promotion can be tricky. If your company offers pre-packaged travel deals and you’re promoting yourself on a therapy site that caters to folks with a fear of flying, well, those are two completely different niches, and audiences.

Before you write a single word, get your head into the mindset of the folks who read the blog you’re writing for.

Your strategy for cross-promotion is to get your brand out there, receive a back link, and, possibly, if you get enough interest, cater a trip to those with a fear of flying. (Or, in this case, to simply present yourself as an expert in all things air travel.)

The key, of course, is that blog managers need to choose topics that are relevant to their audience. You can pitch the best idea ever, but if you don’t write the blog in a way that actually appeals to their crowd, you won’t be asked for additional contributions in the future.

Teach, do not promote yourself.

The most popular blogging sites today started out as a way to share a hobby or provide expert knowledge to a niche. You absolutely cannot sell yourself in a guest blog. Instead, selling your knowledge sells yourself. Do not say:

  • When I work with my clients …

  • This is what I offer in my xyz program …

  • My company provides …

Instead, spin a story out of a client experience or show how you became the solution your client was seeking (sorry, we’re going to stick with that fear of flying theme):

  • When Jane first visited the office, she was terrified to fly …

  • Some travel agencies will include xyz …

  • You’ll want to look for a travel company that provides …

You are still promoting yourself, a relevant part of guest blogging, but the way that you position yourself draws the buyer to their own conclusion to use your services.

Know what you want out of the guest blogging experience

Recently, a blogging tips writer let us know the best way to monetize a blog. She suggested you develop a cash strategy before you even write your first words.

But making money is not the only reason to blog. Maybe you:

  • Want to publicize a charity / draw attention to a societal issue

  • Need more traffic to your business website

  • Are promoting yourself, a book or an event (coaches, that’s you)

  • Love to write and need a forum to do so

The point is, you have to know why you’re guest blogging.

Plus, know the rules of your guest blogging company before you get involved. Make sure it’s genuinely a good idea for you to spend your time writing for them. For example, if they are just starting out, what value will you get by writing for a very small audience?

Remember that blogs by themselves aren’t entirely useful. They have to be promoted and correctly administered to make a difference in your business. Go make it happen!

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3 Tips for Super -Successful Guest Blogging

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