Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Guy sells conference notes – makes hundreds of thousands of dollars

maxresdefaultI really wanted to attend Ryan’s Traffic and Conversion conference last month but was unable to. He brings in amazing talent that give case studies and really awesome actionable info.

The thing is though between sessions at the same time, and skipping some cause your talking business or network, your either missing information or going to suffer from information overload. Personally I am not a huge fan of attending sessions. I get so fired up I want to goto my hotel room and instantly implement what they are talking about if something sparks in my head (and it usually does).

So between all these I might take away 1% from a show. Most of the time my take home is that I entered a new business deal with someone. I rarely remember the awesome content from the show.

Anyway so my weekly check of the hottest selling products on JVZOO I come across this guy selling his notes from the Traffic and Conversion conference. First I was like WTF this is hilarious. Bloggers are working their ass of posting recaps of sessions for free!

But when I saw there were thousands of copies sold… and 0% refund… well I bought it. I buy at least something every week. I am a junkie like that though. I rarely talk about them but some I buy just cause they come with buttons I want or whatever.

So I get these conference notes and they are amazing. I have only made it about half way through it and… Well… No offense Ryan but these notes are worth 10x going to the event.

You get all the meat and potatoes of all the sessions… Plus the key take aways. AND you get to actually digest the information. Its really kick ass.

Its not just notes though. He also includes screenshots from the examples given. I am not sure how he got the rights to do this but its REALLY well put together.

This is something truly exceptional. I honestly don’t know how to phrase it properly how valuable it is.

Crazy that someones conference notes & takeaways can be such a game changer for someone. But this is just that.

Check it out here

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Guy sells conference notes – makes hundreds of thousands of dollars

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