Sunday, February 2, 2014

Here’s How To Avoid Weak Links In The Chain


When it comes to links, the right ones are stronger than steel and form a chain around the internet that’s solid. Done the wrong way or with Black Hat lazy techniques, that same chain you’re trying to build breaks away leaving your blog isolated like a ship run aground on a deserted island.

Anchor That Chain With Proper Text

Even if you’re not sure what it is, the sound of the name Anchor Text should tell you to pay attention. Every chain needs to be attached to something to give it even more strength. Being specific makes your chain strong and using anchor text that’s relevant and specific is the only way to go. If you’ve found the right site to link to and supply a ‘click here’ anchor, the result is a weak link and that’s bad news. Take the time to use the right anchor and your blog won’t get set adrift.

Don’t Drop Anchor In a Crowded Harbor

Being selective is another important part of putting a good link together. You need to cast a line to relevant blogs to make the link successful, but it’s important to ensure you’re not linking to a site that has so many links and comments, yours will never be found. Sure it’s hard enough to find a good site to link to, but you should look for a harbor where you’ll been seen. Often less crowed blogs are the better places to share your thoughts and comments since you’ll have a better chance of being successful there.

Avoid the No Follow Attribute Black Flag

Wherever possible, you need to make sure your link overtures are welcome and checking to see if there’s a no follow attribute attached to the site you’re linking to is the best way. Some blogs and websites don’t want to share your link so there’s no need to lose what could otherwise be a valuable part of the chain. Watch out for those unfriendly pirates with skull and crossbones ‘no follow’ flags on the Internet seas.

Only Sail In A Friendly Flotilla

Throwing link chains out willy-nilly can get you hooked up to a flotilla of unsuitable blogs and websites that don’t make good partners. Blogs of the same size and relevant subject matter make better companions when they’re attached by links. The seas of cyberspace become even more choppy and hard to handle when everyone has a different message that’s pulling the group apart rather than working together.

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Here’s How To Avoid Weak Links In The Chain

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