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23 Irritating Things About Cell Phone Communication

Cell Phone Communication

When People:

  1. such as my staff, co-workers, friends, etc. feel I should be connected all the time.

  2. are multi-tasking (i.e. driving).

  3. use the phone in inappropriate places — during a church service, funeral, formal setting.

  4. talk loud in public places; or speaking loudly to compensate for bad reception – without consideration for others in the surrounding (train, subway, etc.).

  5. leave their phone on the desk or dinner table like they are expecting a call.

  6. constantly check for calls.

  7. call me when there is a lot of background noise: Traffic, walking downstairs, on StairMaster.

  8. drop calls because of bad signals; poor connections – reception fading in and out.

  9. stay on longer than three minutes.

  10. mumble; don’t speak clearly.

  11. just start talking without asking if it’s a good time to talk.

  12. talk on the cell phone when interacting with other people (e.g. at the grocery store, in line at the bank).

  13. don’t tell you that you are on speaker phone.

  14. talk but don’t listen.

  15. answer a cell phone call during a meeting, conversation, while driving with you.

  16. yelling at other drivers or kids in the back seat when on the cell phone in the car.

  17. don’t allow time to respond when asked a question; talking over you.

  18. answer in a nasty tone if the call came at a bad time for them without accepting the fact that they left the phone on.

  19. make irritating sounds: Blow their noise, clear their throat.

  20. have loud ring tones.

  21. have long conversations in public areas; people going on and on in general and when saying goodbye.

  22. call me when they know I’ll be in the car.

  23. talk socially to me for long periods without consideration of my limited phone minutes.

So now that you are reminded about what’s irritating about cell phones — don’t be guilty of doing those things.

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23 Irritating Things About Cell Phone Communication

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