Thursday, May 1, 2014

Are You Drowning In Your Sales Leads?

It’s easy to think that getting a flood of sales leads is living the dream. It’s also easy to see how that dream turns into a nightmare. Think of a sudden stream of gold pouring all around you but you then realize you might just drown beneath it.

But of course, sales leads are still sales leads. Any amount of them is better than having none that your business finds itself sailing to bankruptcy.

So instead of a stream of gold, now try imagining your sales leads as customers swarming into your store. They all want a piece of your merchandise. They’ve all got money and they just want you to shut up and take it.

Unfortunately, you can only have so much in stock. Pretty soon you’ll have a mob once it runs out. That’s why most retailers don’t just stock up on the inventory when they know a crowd’s waiting right outside. They hire guards, hire more part-timers, and even pass around an extra set of rules so that customers can organize themselves.

So what can your B2B organization do to keep you from drowning in your own sales leads?

  • Understand the cause of the flow – The first and immediate step you should take is to see where the surge is coming from. Are you doing something illicit or are you just that good at generating demand? In any case, knowing what you did to get every prospect running to you should mean you already saw the crowd coming.

  • Hire more salespeople – It’s either that or you call in all the ones you’ve got but aren’t closing anything at the moment. You know a huge wave of potential customers is heading your way so why not explain the situation to the very people making use of these leads? The more people who can close the deal, the less unsatisfied prospects you’ll have to worry about.

  • Guide them to your competitors – Okay, this sounds crazy but is there really anything else you can do when your resources have reached their limit? A competitor providing similar products and services can be your savior when they can take any excess off your hands.

It’s natural for any businesses to want crowds of customers at their door. But in reality, that crowd is like an eating challenge. The food looks yummy at first but those who actually take part know the kind of preparation you need to keep yourself from throwing up after.

Source: B2C_Business

Are You Drowning In Your Sales Leads?

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