Sunday, May 25, 2014

Common Questions About Employee Advocate Marketing

Should employee advocate programs be mandatory?

Employee advocacy programs only work if they are voluntary. Employees should be able to share what they want, when they want, and most importantly only if they want to.

One of the reasons that employee advocacy programs are so successful is because consumers trust employees. People trust recommendations from people they know over all other forms of advertising. Trust is why employees help make brands more credible.

I understand how employee programs benefit brands, but what about employees – what’s in it for them?

Advocacy programs can help drive employee engagement. By creating and sharing content, employees feel more connected to the company. Employee advocacy programs help foster a culture of community and boost morale – making the company a more enjoyable place for employees to work.

Employee Advocate Marketing programs are also a great way to allow employees to voice their opinions and helping their voice to be heard within the company. Employee advocates can help provide feedback on everything from social media training to what types of content they want to share.

Advocate Marketing programs can helps drive skill development and career growth. One of the core elements to a successful employee Advocate Marketing program is training, which includes everything from how to build your personal brand, to brand voice, to social media policy. Employees gain value skills by learning how to optimize their social presence and learning best practices for various social networks.

How do you motivate employees to participate in an employee advocacy program?

First of all, the reasons above serve as great incentives for employees to participate in an employee advocacy program. However – recognition and reward can also serve as great motivators for employees.

Participating in an employee advocacy program provides the opportunity to receive visibility within the organization. Recognize employees for participating in the employee by awarding an employee of the week or giving employees shout outs in company communications or meetings.

Additional rewards can include: lunches with executives, access to seminars or training, unique swag and branded gifts. Get creative with recognition and make it unique to your culture and company.

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Common Questions About Employee Advocate Marketing

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