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EvoLeads White Label Tracking for Affiliate Marketing


There are many layers to the world of affiliate marketing and there are opportunities to make money at each of these layers. Perhaps you’ve had some experience as a publisher, promoting various affiliate offers from different networks. Maybe you’ve worked as an advertiser, using affiliate marketing to generate leads and increase sales. But have you ever considered running a network of your own?

Working at every tier along the way is a comprehensive solution from EvoLeads, an affiliate software system and offer marketplace that has something to offer for publishers, advertisers and white label users alike.

An Affiliate Revolution?

At its core, EvoLeads aims to power your white label affiliate program. Even if you don’t have any ambitions to run a full-fledged network, there is a lot of value in being able to have an affiliate program under your company name, using your own company logos and colors. This provides publishers with a certain level of confidence in what you are able to provide.

In this way, you could view EvoLeads as a white label tracking service provider. There are no set up fees for getting your own affiliate program going and everything is run through their reliable servers. For both you and your affiliates, you get real-time global analytics so you can best optimize your campaigns.

If you do choose to run a fuller affiliate network of your own with multiple offers from multiple publishers, EvoLeads is prepared to handle that for you too. Indeed, it is possible to set limits on the publisher activity so you don’t go over the budgets defined by your advertisers. This is the same kind of functionality that you see from much larger affiliate networks, but available to Internet entrepreneurs like you.

The EvoLeads Dashboard

After signing up with EvoLeads, you can log into your account and gain access to the main dashboard.


This provides you with a clean and intuitive way to get through all of your analytics and stats. The main dashboard will show your commissions, clicks and actions for the month to date by default, but you can easily access different time frames via the pull-down menu. Below the line graph, you’ll find the basic tables with your daily and weekly comission figures too, as well as the associated change in dollars and as a percentage.

The Offer Marketplace

While a big part of the appeal of EvoLeads is the ability to use the white label solution to run your own affiliate network under your own branding, EvoLeads itself is still an affiliate network in many ways. If you’re running your own network, you can still submit your offers to be displayed through the EvoLeads marketplace.


This means that you can effectively make money at all three tiers of the affiliate setup: as a network owner, as an advertiser, and as a publisher. The list of offers comes from other members of the network and you can sort through these based on category, tags, countries, traffic type, eCPC range, eCPA, click-thru and commission rate.

As of this writing, there are about 300 offers in the marketplace and they boast payouts as high as $340.00. There’s a lot of upside there as a publisher and it also means that there are higher tier white label users who are a part of the EvoLeads network as well.

Leading the Way

If you’re looking for a white label tracking solution for your network, then EvoLeads should be among your prime contenders. You get precise geo-targeting and you don’t have to pay any click charges. It’s priced at $499 per month and the four-page network registration form should only take you a couple minutes to complete.

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EvoLeads White Label Tracking for Affiliate Marketing


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