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How Working For Free Pays Off: Volunteer!

How Working For Free Pays Off: Volunteer! image TwoHandspm1

Many of us talk about volunteering… you know: coulda, shoulda, woulda …but time gets away from us and it doesn’t happen.

Of course, you can donate to a cause — send money for pet rescue, save a local landmark, help feed or clothe those less fortunate, or contribute to one or more of thousands of charities around the world. Each is a worthy endeavor.

Or, you could volunteer…while you market yourself and your business. Win-Win.

If you volunteer in a business-related cause, the payoff could be twofold – helpful to the organization and beneficial to your business. Nothing wrong with that!

Volunteering for a business-related endeavor can:

  • Connect you with potential new clients, resources or opportunities for your business

  • Give you a chance to learn new work skills or further develop existing ones

  • Provide marketing material for public relations, website content and social media updates

  • Increase your recognition and standing in your community or industry

  • Keep your business momentum going — if business is slow, getting involved in a pro bono project or with a charitable organization hones your skills and keeps you in circulation — if you’re busy, you often get busier

  • Build your resume – many potential customers want to see what other interests you have and often prefer working with companies who appreciate the importance of volunteering and whose core values align with theirs

The opportunities are varied — from helping out with a non-profit organization to joining their board; signing on to be a mentor at a school or at a start-up incubator, assisting with fundraising or grant-writing — check out the need for business people through organizations listed below.

It feels good to give of your efforts for a good cause and to feel helpful and valued. Giving back often means getting more in return. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Here are good places to get started:

Taproot Foundation



SBDC (Small Business Development Council)

Source: B2C_Business

How Working For Free Pays Off: Volunteer!

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