Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Make a free Opt-in Form in 5 minutes

I have studied Shoemoney’s information and listened to his advice for almost a decade. Jeremy has taught me since the beginning to test, test, test.

One of the snags people inevitably hit is making an opt in form to quickly check if an idea has legs. A beginner trying to make an opt in form in wordpress is still a huge pain.

Survey Monkey, one of our partners, exposed me to Wufoo, which is their Survey Monkey alternative for surveys. I have been using it for opt in forms, even when selling our $100k+ per year services, and realized that the Shoe crew would benefit.

Follow what I show below. The free account is all you need, and you can have an opt in form in 5 minutes to see if your idea has legs.

I’ve learned the most important thing in the game of internet marketing is whether the offer matches the audience. If you give the right offer to the right audience at the right time, it almost doesn’t matter what things look like.

Imagine if you had a chance to hang out with Katie Perry or M n M tonight, would you really care where it was, or what food was being served?

My goal now when I get an idea is simply to get the offer in front of the audience as fast as I possibly can.

I have not been paying as much attention to the chiropractic office in La Jolla lately, since I have been traveling a lot on business. I decided today that I should run some facebook ads to students at the local university to literally drive some new life into the office.

The idea is to do it fast. If it works at all, then we will tweek it, A/B test, and get it to work better. If it doesn’t work with a simple offer and a simple form, then I doubt it will work with a $1,000 design.

How to Make an Opt In Form for Free in 5 Minutes.

1. Get a free Wufoo account. Click Here for a free account. Click on “New Form”

12. Type in the “Form Name”

Start Writing a Description of what the sales message is.


3. Finish writing the “Description”.


4. Click on the word “Untitled” above the first fill in the box on the form.

45. Fill in the “Field Label”. This is what you want them to tell you. Usually their name. It will automatically show up above the box.

56. The box was too big for their name, so you click the down arrow where it says “Field Type”, and set it to Single Line Text.

67. Click on the little green X to create another box.


8. Type in the text you want the next box to be called.


9. Click on Save.


10. Go to the “Form Manager” so you can see the form.


11. Find the form and click on “View”.


12. I saw the form, and realized I did not say what day of the week it was.


13. Close the window. Click on “Edit” to edit the form.


14. Click on the word “Field” to edit the fields.


15. Click on the text you want to change, edit it, and hit “Save”.


16. Click on “View” to see the form.


17. Look at the Opt in form and see if you like it.


18. Copy the url and go run some ads to it. All the data will be stored on Wufoo. If you start getting tons of responses, then you will need to get a paid account, but by then you are making money.

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Source: ShoeMOney

Make a free Opt-in Form in 5 minutes

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