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‘Pin It to Win It’ – Use Competitions on Pinterest to Get Branding

Pinterest Competitions

Pinterest, the image-based social media site, has reached the ranks of being a ‘big player’. As one of the fastest growing social networks ever, the site is now one of the top 30 most visited websites in the world, responsible for more referral traffic to sites than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.

In addition, the high engagement levels on Pinterest means it’s not just delivering traffic, but high quality, high value traffic – an online marketer’s dream.

The Pinterest Audience

Pinterest is principally based on the sharing of images and other visual content, including videos. By encouraging users to “curate the internet” through pinning images they like as they find them across the internet, the social network has essentially created an audience who are already in the early stages of the shopping process when on Pinterest, without even realizing it.

By looking at what others, particularly friends, have pinned, users see a personal recommendation for whatever the subject of the image, be it a beautiful location, home décor idea, fashion accessory, or whatever.

In addition, a study by Neilsen revealed in a profile of the Pinterest audience that it is the exact same audience that shops online, which is very useful.

This enhances Pinterest’s ultimate USP for marketers. Unlike many other social media sites, Pinterest is geared more strongly towards products and purchases, rather than people and relationships; making it the perfect platform for businesses with anything visual to shout about.

Pinterest Competitions

It’s perhaps for this reason then that social-savvy businesses are trying to make the most of this exciting new platform, creating their own profiles, and engaging with pinners.

Competitions are a huge attraction. It’s hard to argue for a better way to get large numbers of people engaging with a business’ new Pinterest profile than by giving them an incentive to do so.

The popularly named “Pin it to win it” competitions are popping up everywhere after adventurous leaders in the Pinterest field, such as Land’s End had soaring successes with them.

How do Pinterest Competitions Work?

As yet, there are no strict rules governing competitions on Pinterest which leaves it open for businesses to be creative with their use of Pinterest’s key features to make the competition engaging and exciting.

For example, some competitions simply ask you to re-pin anything from their boards (usually their products) or even directly from their website, and they’ll pick one of these re-pinners at random to win either a set prize or perhaps whatever they have pinned.

Another way some competitions have worked is people creating a pin board made up entirely of their favorite business’s images or products – email it in to the company, and the best board will win.

What Are The Advantages of Pinterest?

Quite apart from the obvious social media marketing objectives of engaging your audience and getting more followers, it’s easy to see the additional advantages of Pinterest competitions from both these approaches.

In each case, it’s getting people to re-pin the business’ images, increasing the reach of those images and resultant exposure of the brands and products across Pinterest. With Pinterest having such a highly engaged retail related audience, why wouldn’t you want to tap into its viral capabilities?

The Future of Pinterest Competitions

Being such a new social network, it’ll be really interesting to see how Pinterest and its user-generated “Pin it to Win it” competitions develop over time.

Pinterest is a powerful social tool, and if your business is in any way visual, you want to get in on the action.

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‘Pin It to Win It’ – Use Competitions on Pinterest to Get Branding

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