Thursday, May 8, 2014

PMD Offerpop launches ‘Activate,’ a gallery of social activity


Offerpop, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, today announced Activate by Offerpop — an engaging visual gallery that shows Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram activity around a certain hashtag or topic.

Activate by Offerpop is part of the company’s next-generation digital marketing platform (along with Connect by Offerpop and Offerpop Campaigns) that help drive consumer action throughout the customer lifecycle. This new product suite makes it easier for marketers to:

  • Automate the collection of user-generated content at scale

  • Aggregate data collected at each point of consumer interaction

  • Showcase content in real-time across all marketing channels and devices

  • Generate website visits, conversions and revenue

Activate by Offerpop shows user activity around a hashtag or topic, so both fans and marketers can see the discussion.

Wendell Lansford, CEO of Offerpop, commented on the platform launch in a press release:

Marketers today must reach the new mobile, social consumer to generate real business results. With our new end-to-end platform, it is now possible for marketers to create meaningful consumer connections, drive revenue, and build brand loyalty fueled by user-generated content.

Activate by Offerpop, which is part of Offerpop Commerce, is a gallery of user-generated social content. Brands can embed this content directly onto their websites, a tactic the company says will improve conversion rates.

Source: Inside Facebook

PMD Offerpop launches ‘Activate,’ a gallery of social activity

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