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Telemarketing Tips – What It Should Do While You’re On Vacation

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Summer’s just weeks away and floating with it is the promising idea of a tropical vacation. Sadly, kids and teens have it pretty easy when it comes to the planning. You on the other hand can’t seem to catch a break. How do you get back to work once the heat and sun are over and done? Did you miss any appointments? Did Mr. H from HCorp call back? What about that email from John Doe Industries? Who followed it up?

Leaving instructions while you’re away is part and parcel of any business process. And as far as sales and marketing is concerned, yes you should think about how your telemarketing setup is geared to keep going while you’re gone. The problem is you don’t seem to be satisfied and can’t help but over prepare.

This can be stressful for both you and your telemarketers. Remember, you’re planning to go on vacation. Going on vacation isn’t flying off to Honolulu and just taking the phone calls from there. If that’s your idea of it, then it won’t be surprising that you’re one of the 59% who feel vacation-deprived.

So to make sure you’re not harassing yourself and the agents who handle calls for you, here are some tips:

  • Keep workload exactly as how you left it – And by that, it doesn’t mean your telemarketers should help reduce the number of prospects for you to close. Even if you manage to put in extra effort and close a high score of leads, more leads will come in anyways. This renders any form of ‘de-cluttering’ absolutely pointless. Rather, use your telemarketing resources to leave you with no more and no less than the number of appointments you left with.

  • Ask for a summary only after vacation’s done – At some point, it might mean your B2B telemarketers won’t be making any leads until it’s almost time you’re expected back. That doesn’t mean they have nothing else they might want to report to you about. But of course, this is only when you get back. Don’t make any hints of you dropping lines or making excuses to delay your big break. Learn how to brush these things at the back of your mind when you’re supposed to be relaxed.

  • Finally, reeeeelaaaax – A key part of getting the vacation mood is actually relaxing yourself on a daily basis. With so much information coming from your telemarketers, don’t just slam the brakes by announcing your vacation. It’s better if they’re actually used to you taking time for quick breaks. What better way to let them feel what it’s like once you go on your big one?

Relaxation isn’t also the only perks of vacation. You’ve got family catch-up time, soul-searching, a chance to hang for a girl/guys night out. What good is all that fun when you can’t leave your work behind? So the next time you leave it up to your telemarketing agents, actually mean it and take your vacation.

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Telemarketing Tips – What It Should Do While You’re On Vacation

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