Friday, May 23, 2014

The 5 Most Commonly Overlooked Strategies For Highly Effective PPC Landing Pages

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When optimizing a paid search campaign from month to month, it’s pretty easy to get lost in conversion rates, and click through rates and any of the other immediately available, relevant metrics. One of the most overlooked aspects of a search campaign, are the actual landing pages your ads link to.

Think about it, no matter how well an ad speaks to you, will you want to convert if the page, or worse yet the entire site, looks low quality when you arrive?

If a used car ad looked great in print yet the vehicles condition wasn’t up to par, you’re probably not driving off in it, so why would digital advertising be any different? Exactly, it wouldn’t!

Despite this, some advertisers forget to…

1. Be Relevant – I clicked an ad for socks that automatically roll themselves up because I’m much to classy to put my own socks on like common folk, and you’ve directed me to your duck sweater inventory. I’m looking for automatic socks – I clearly already have a duck sweater! There’s a 50/50 chance that you’ve just lost a sale when you’re not giving the prospective customer what they expected.

Internet shopping has spoiled us in that it’s taught us to have zero patience for these situations when there are advertisers that will cater to our shopping desires with the 1st click of an ad, so I don’t have to then search the site to find the product I’m looking for.

Try to be one of those advertisers and make sure that the landing page is relevant to the ads you serve.

2. Be Detailed – Sure, your landing page may already be relevant to my needs, but why should I choose to convert? Are there great specials on this vehicle detailed here? Is shipping free? Do you have photos of the product I want to order or the exact vehicle that you’re selling? Be sure to give me a good reason to convert with you. Answer all your prospective customers questions upfront, before they wonder elsewhere for the information.

3. Be Current – No customer likes running into an expired landing page. If the product or special no longer exists, the page shouldn’t either. Make sure that you’re removing any outdated materials from the site as soon as possible.

4. Be Trustworthy – Use any testimonials you can. Links to third party reviews are great to use both in your ads via review extensions, and on your landing pages to help inspire trust from visitors.

In addition, be reachable. Make sure that contact numbers and email addresses are listed as well as any brick and mortar locations. People are much less likely to convert if they feel like you intentionally make yourself hard to contact.

5. Be Mobile – Far too often, businesses can forget the fact that mobile devices make up an ever growing portion of all browsing activity. Don’t forget it’s best to build a responsive site – why? Click here to find out. Remember, bounce rates will likely increase and take conversion rates down with them if people are served desktop sites on mobile devices!

Don’t forget to rinse and repeat each of these points with each new landing page your business targets overtime, and you’ll be one step closer to having a profitable campaign on your hands. Above all else, do what the data tells you, and good luck!

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The 5 Most Commonly Overlooked Strategies For Highly Effective PPC Landing Pages

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