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5 Absolute Sins of Blogging

Sins of Blogging

It is easy to find oneself in the pitfalls of blogging. Of course, you aren’t to be blamed wholly. Most bloggers expect overnight success. They want to hit the ‘Publish’ button and find thousands making a beeline to read their content. Isn’t it?

Apart from some friends and acquaintances, who even bothers? Months of frustration pile up and many bloggers start going the ‘sinful’ way to achieve their objectives.

Let’s see the 5 absolute sins of blogging.

  • Avoiding Establishment of Blogging Authority

Unless you’re building micro-niche sites for quick earning via ads and affiliate marketing, you cannot avoid establishment of blogging authority.

Take any successful blogger. They have a presence online. They have a brand value and online authority, the primary reason why they have thousands of readers while you are languishing with a handful of readers acquired over days and months!

  • Blogging Irrelevant Content

If you have a blog on real estate, you shouldn’t write on buying fashionable clothes. Where is the relevancy? Regular readers and visitors arrive on the blog seeking information on real estate and there you are writing about clothes! It is wrongful intent on all accounts.

Of course, you may choose to have a multi-niche blog but be careful, the competition is immense and monetization options limited.

Personally, it’s better to stick with a niche, write niche relevant content and establish yourself as a brand.

  • Linking to Irrelevant Domains

Again, the same logic applies as above. You should always link to niche relevant sites. For example, as a real estate blogger, you can link to a site about creating real estate contracts or offering real estate legal help but you shouldn’t link to a, let’s say, fashion or food site. Getting the drift?

In short, maintain linking relevancy.

  • Stealing Blogging Content of Others

This is an absolute no-no. You should never copy-paste content written by others and pass it off on your own. If you do, get ready to be slapped by Google or see a DMCA report filed against you. Moreover, never re-publish content without the permission of the original author. Further, if you say something which isn’t your original thought but lifted from somewhere, credit the original source.

  • Being Unfriendly

Blogging thrives on associations and networking. Take up any pro blogger and one of their primary advices is to network and socialize with other bloggers. Why? The blog, blogger and blogging can’t exist in isolation.

  • You need people.

  • You need readers.

  • You need content sharers.

  • You need supporters.

You can’t achieve all these factors by being unfriendly. Can you?

Go out and mingle with other bloggers.

Over to You

Are you guilty of any of these blogging sins? Come ahead and confess.

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5 Absolute Sins of Blogging

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