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Valuable Email Marketing Tips for a Blogger in 2014

Email Marketing in 2014

I was reading this article about email marketing on and a line stood apart from the rest:

The future of email marketing is about being like real-life shopkeeper. It’s about observing, making recommendations…and being more personal.

This, I think, encapsulates what email marketing is all about. While the referred article focuses more on the eCommerce side, my take here is on bloggers.

How can a blogger make optimum use of email marketing in 2014?

Email Marketing for a Blogger in 2014

Let’s see.

1) Focus on Email Marketing List Quality & Not Just the Numbers

I know that in a way this goes against what any email marketer will teach you. It is believed that if the number of email subscribers is high, there is a higher chance of earning. This perception isn’t wrong but also think – what will you do with all those email ids if they aren’t converting?

You may have 1000+ email subscribers but what if they don’t open your emails or they don’t click or don’t engage with you?

Therefore, focus on the quality of email marketing list. Don’t build a generic list. Target a segmented audience. It is far better to have 100 people on your list with 40% email opens than 1000 people on the list with just 2% email opens. Isn’t it?

2) Personalize the Email List

Three things:

  • Don’t send generic emails.

  • Don’t send mass emails.

  • Don’t send sales pitch.

Take the example of your local shopkeeper. When a new product comes to the store, does the shopkeeper tell about it to everyone or just to those who know will be interested? An experienced and knowledgeable shopkeeper who understands the needs of the buyer would opt for the second option.

This is precisely what you have to do with your blog email subscribers. Segment the audience. I use MailChimp and they have really cool audience segmentation options based on variables like email openers, email clickers, geolocation and more.

Interact with you list. Monitor their behavior. I understand that a 1-on-1 communication is difficult but the behavior of email readers tells a lot.

3) Earning from Email List

Email subscribers are no fools. They know that the freebie on offer is a bait to get him/her on the list. They know that ultimately, you’re going to pitch a ‘buy this product’ email. It isn’t wrong; you want to make a living, right?

Therefore, be ultra careful before sending any sales pitch. Do they really need this product? Ask this question to yourself.


As a blogger, you need to be like the local shopkeeper who knows your requirement even before you have to ask for it. It is only then that you can make use of the email marketing list to generate sustainable revenue.

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Valuable Email Marketing Tips for a Blogger in 2014

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