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Digital Mail Rooms – Can they Increase Business Productivity?

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Monitoring of customer satisfaction levels is an important part of business management—or it should be if you value your customers! The management of incoming documentation is essential. Letters, invoices, purchase orders and contracts all arrive via multiple channels, which inevitably places document management systems under considerable pressure, even in the most efficient business environments.

The Joys of a Paperless Office

In days of old, endless filing cabinets filled with reams paperwork were the mainstay of most offices. But with the arrival of the digital age, many businesses large and small are striving towards the nirvana of a paperless office, the reason being that a paperless office is more efficient and better for the environment. Transforming an office into a paperless office is not easy, but an outsourced digital mail room can significantly aid the process.

What is a Digital Mail Room?

A digital mail room processes incoming mail and email, sorting and distributing it to the intended recipient quickly and efficiently. Digital mail rooms are designed to streamline the management of incoming documents by automating the entire process. The end result is a far more efficient document management system, which will improve levels of customer satisfaction and save your business money at the same time.

Incoming documents are scanned and uploaded to a central digital storage location. Key data is captured during the scanning process to enable documents to be correctly sorted and categorised. Mail is then disseminated to the appropriate location.

What Services can a Digital Mail Room Offer?

  • Mail classification software

  • Digital audit train

  • Intelligent data extraction

  • Digital mail delivery to the correct individual

  • Automatic information database updates

  • Automated mail responses

  • Digital review and approval solutions

What are the Benefits of a Digital Mail Room?

Anything you do to streamline the day-to-day administration of your business will improve your profit margins. It will also help you improve the relationship you have with your customers. The majority of issues a business has with its customers will be down to poor communication, missing paperwork and a delay in replying to queries. All of these problems can be reduced or eradicated by the introduction of a digital mail room.

  • Speed – Reduce data entry processing time by intelligently extracting data from incoming documents e.g. document references and addresses

  • Speed – Classify mail quickly using innovative software to automatically sort through incoming documents

  • Customer satisfaction – Deliver timely, appropriate and contextual automated responses to your customers

  • Accuracy – All data collected is compared against existing databases, which will increase the accuracy of information stored

  • Efficiency – Ensure mail reaches the right person. With the introduction of workflow rules, you can say goodbye to the days where important mail ended up on the wrong desk

  • Cash flow – Save money on mail distribution. Employing a staff member to deliver stacks of mail around a large building costs time and therefore money

  • Compliance – Introduction of a streamlined approach to the processing of incoming documentation will help your business achieve compliance if you are working towards ISO accreditation

  • Integration – Incoming documentation can be integrated into other digital systems within the organisation

The Disadvantages of a Traditional Mail Room

Before the rise of digital technologies, post would arrive at a central location and then be sorted and distributed by hand. There is nothing inherently wrong with this process other than the fact it is inefficient, but the risk of misdirection of confidential data or loss of important documents is high.

There are lots of things to consider before choosing a digital mail room provider, but business data and personal information must be kept secure at all times, so make sure the company offers a secure, compliant and accredited service.

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Digital Mail Rooms – Can they Increase Business Productivity?

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