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How to Sell a Blog?

Sell a Blog

This is a follow-up post for how to buy a blog where I outlined the basics to consider before buying a blog. In this post, we will discuss the measures necessary to sell a blog.

4 Measures to Sell a Blog

Selling a blog is not simple. Perhaps, you’re carried away by online success stories of people selling their blogs for thousands of dollars.

Know that blog buyers are looking for two things: traffic and revenue. Even if the traffic is not great but still shows revenue potential, you will get a buyer.

Consider these factors before you decide to sell a blog.

  • Identify the Revenue Potential:

What is its revenue potential of your blog? Are you already earning anything from it and if you are what are the earning methods?

These are the main queries of any blog buyer. If you want to sell a blog, the buyer would definitely want to know the ROI.

  • Identify the Blog’s Brand Value:

Is your blog a branded blog or a micro niche blog? For instance, if Zac Johnson had to sell BloggingTips, it would definitely be a “branded” blog and hence, claim a higher asking price.

  • Disclose Traffic Metrics:

What are the blog’s traffic sources? Are they organic or paid? What is the referral traffic? Will you sell the social media accounts along with the blog? These are some pertinent questions.

Note that higher traffic doesn’t mean more money; of course, a lot depends on the blog niche. Suppose yours is a technology blog with AdSense as its main monetization source. Definitely, such a blog would require higher traffic than another niche blog.

Therefore, keep all the traffic details ready, preferably Google Analytics.

  • Will You Continue?

Sometimes the blog buyer wants the blog creator to continue as a member of the new team. You decide whether the proposition suits or not. A simple example – When Facebook purchased WhatsApp messaging service, the WhatsApp team on board as well.

Hire Professional Service

It is not easy to sell a blog. It is time consuming and if you haven’t done it before, you wouldn’t know how much to charge and conduct other negotiations. Therefore, it is simpler to hire a professional to do the work for you and you pay the person or the agency a percentage out of the final price.

You can look among social networking circles or do a Google search to find a professional seller. To DIY, Flippa is a good place to start.

Over to You

Have you ever sold a blog? Do share your experience.

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How to Sell a Blog?

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