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Be a Blogger WITHOUT a Blog

Medium Homepage

No, I haven’t crossed over to insanity. I know what I am talking about.

Few days back, I came across this blogging platform and I am truly in love with it completely; and thought of sharing it with readers.

The name of the blogging platform is Medium and it lets you be a blogger without all the deemed necessary things like a domain name and hosting. It has one of the cleanest WYSIWYG content editor I have ever seen.

Be a Blogger with Medium

Evan Williams and Biz Stone co-founded Medium in August 2012. They are also the co-founders of Twitter. In fact, Evan Williams is the person who conceptualized the Blogger platform, which was later bought by Google Inc.

The genesis of Medium came from the desire of the co-founders to enable Twitter users create longer posts, a clear departure from the 140-character tweeting model. As such, you need a Twitter account to access Medium blogging platform. The WYSIWYG user interface is really clean and interactive. Published posts can be shared and recommended by other people. Moreover, readers can upvote or downvote content similar to Reddit and Digg.

How Medium Works?

Login with active Twitter id, you will receive a verification email. Click on the given link and verify the account.

Hover over the ‘M’ logo and you can see the basic settings.

The Settings page associated with the account-holder name consists of the real basics. They pull in the Twitter account bio which can be modified here. You can create new stories, view drafts or the collections.

Like Pinterest, the Collections are a cluster of ‘boards’ which you can follow and read published stories from within the selected sections.

The Editor

Like I said, the writing space is truly distraction free. See for yourself.

Medium Editor

It offers the basic options. Think about it – you don’t need anything else to publish online.

Once your content is published, other Twitter users get to see it automatically, comment, recommend and share to others.

Isn’t that cool?

The Commenting System

The Medium commenting system is its other unique feature. Readers can comment on every paragraph.

Suppose your article has 10 paragraphs. I can make individual comments on every paragraph. The author (you) has the option to either keep the comments private or public. If it’s public, other commentators can chime in and start a conversation.

Over to You

Medium is worth trying. If you want to be a blogger or want an extension to your current blog/s, blogging with Medium will be a valuable addition.

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Be a Blogger WITHOUT a Blog

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