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5 Qualities of a Successful Blogger

Become a Successful Blogger

Who is a successful blogger?

Generally, we consider bloggers like Pat Flynn, Darren Rowse and Zac Johnson as successful bloggers. What separates them from the rest? Or, what do they have which we don’t have? What makes them a successful blogger?

Let’s explore some reasons.

5 Qualities of a Successful Blogger

Here we go:

1) Industry Expertise

A successful blogger isn’t a casual blogger. Successful bloggers are passionate in their chosen niches and have built industry expertise over the years. Take any of the three bloggers named above. They have spent a part of their lives as a blogger and there is barely anything they aren’t aware of in this day and age.

Successful bloggers are knowledgeable, experienced and have incomparable industrial expertise.

2) Industry Influencer

Pat, Darren and Zac are at a level where they can mould the blogging industry. They have strong influence and authority. A successful blogger is definitely an industry influencer. Such a blogger has strong personal relationships with other bloggers and have a huge networking circle.

Successful bloggers can leverage network power and industry reach to get massive content coverage, promotion benefits and build a strong income model.

3) Exemplary Content

Whether successful bloggers write themselves or hire a team to manage content development, the content does stand apart from the rest. The blog content isn’t run of the mill, regurgitated and repurposed content.

A successful blogger publishes exemplary content that is motivational, inspiring, informational and actionable.

4) Social Sharer

A successful blogger isn’t a recluse. Such a person loves to network and connect with other people. Of course, this visibility and exposure converts to more traffic and outreach but overall, successful bloggers are big advocates of social media.

5) Offline Visibility

A successful blogger doesn’t traverse the online world solely; they are pretty active in the offline space too.

They attend meets, conferences, product launches and participate in other offline networking activities. It helps them to collaborate with others and establish their authority in the offline world too. The offline visibility part isn’t global truly because it isn’t possible to be a part of every offline meet and conference all the time due to various constraints. Nevertheless, a successful blogger maintains a balanced online and offline visibility.


Blogging isn’t about having a blog. Alternately, having a blog doesn’t make you a blogger.

You have to work hard to earn the tag of a blogger, and spend years to become a successful blogger.

Do you have the mettle and commitment? You decide.

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5 Qualities of a Successful Blogger

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