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6 Bad-Ass Tips for SEO Blogging from eMarketing Copywriter

Elspeth Misiaszek Writer

As an SEO copywriter, I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about SEO blogging. Specifically, whether a blog was considered SEO enough to be publish-worthy.

I chose to launch a resource called, Is It SEO? that includes a free SEO blogging checklist for those who really want to get serious about launching an SEO blogging campaign. While it will help with the copywriting of the blogs, here are my six additional bad-ass tips:

Have a strategized process for SEO blogging

The biggest mistake most folks make when it comes to SEO blogging is a failure to develop an SEO content plan going in. You need to have an organized list of several key words related to your industry to start with.

Use the keywords to develop blog topics. You don’t just have to write about these topics, but make sure they have a primary focus in your blog.

First, pop thyself into Google Adwords keyword planner and do about an hour of research on what makes sense and what doesn’t. The smaller your business, the more important it is you stick to words you actually have a chance of getting noticed for.

Develop a system of measure for success

Google Analytics is free, tells you where your traffic is coming from, and allows you to see exactly what topics resonate with your audience.

How do you use it?

Decide on a goal for your SEO blogging. Do you want to get more email opt-ins? Are you trying to get blog subscribers/followers? Do you want optimal page views for advertising?

Pay attention to what’s working and what’s not by tracking conversions in a spreadsheet. You may need to use a WordPress tool like Gravity Forms – otherwise, setup a Goal in Google Analytics to see how conversions are going (they do the work for you.)

Otherwise, manually in an Excel Spreadsheet, if your Google Analytics tells you 150 people visited based on a specific blog topic, and you had 15 new sign-ups for your newsletter, you can conclude whatever action you took (promoting the blog on social media? initiating a new pop-up opt-in box?) produced a 10% conversion.

Always do a once-over before you hit publish

I did a little crowd sourcing to ask what copywriting topics in SEO appealed to people. I was shocked how many of you said that you were stressed trying to figure out if a blog was optimized for SEO before you hit publish.

Here’s my cheat sheet again – a free SEO blogging checklist. It will give you an exhaustive little list of all the things my clients have expected from me over the years (in detail.)

If you really want to get great at SEO blogging, just follow my detailed list. (And stay tuned for a follow-up webinar announcement)

Give away your link love (get some link love)

Ah! There seems to be an epidemic when it comes to linking to other resources. Here’s the deal: You need to give away link love in order to get link love. You link to someone, they link to you. It’s that easy.

The thing you can’t do is expect the Huffington Post to link back to you. Instead, try to find mid-size resources with a good following (look for engagement on social media). After you link to them, shoot over a message – “I loved this article so I linked to it.”

And here’s your bonus tip: Some folks get it, some folks don’t. If you reach out to tell someone they’re great a few times and they don’t say, Thank You! at least once, they are not interested in building online relationships.

Do not tell yourself they are busy. People who mean business return emails, answer questions and engage with anyone who reaches out – that’s how they got where they are.

Use a WordPress tool or other platform

WordPress Yoast is a fabulously easy-to-use tool that gives you a green light on your SEO blogging. The green light isn’t always 100% accurate, but it will get you very close.

Otherwise, once you have a few thousand dollars in the budget, check out Hubspot, a very powerful tool complete with all the spreadsheet magic you could ever possibly stomach. It’s far more complex, but input will equal output.

Keep an eye on the trends – your good eye!

I’ve been seeing a lot of hoopla lately about key words not mattering. Really? So, if I write about plumbing one day, roofing the next, and photography the next my blog will perform as well as just a photography blog?


The trends right now are:

  • Longer posts – The longer the post the more opportunity to hit on long-tail key words.

  • Journalistic articles – Go ahead and tell us objectively why your company is great

  • Micro-niche blogs – In lieu of photography blogging, why not digital Nikkon photography blogging?

Don’t get sucked into them until you have a firm and tremendous grasp on the other stuff.

Do you have questions about SEO blogging? Comment below. Let my six years or experience in business work for you.

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6 Bad-Ass Tips for SEO Blogging from eMarketing Copywriter

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