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Outsourced Telemarketing Tips – Their Holidays and Yours

Outsourced Telemarketing Tips – Their Holidays and Yours image closedforholiday

How often do people talk about the effects of differing customs and cultures on outsourcing relationships? It seems it’s not a subject often discussed as the mere cost-benefits of outsourcing or even the rights of the workers involved.

But in outsourced telemarketing, issues like different holidays can be an obstacle when your salespeople depend on it for a consistent production of leads and appointments. It would be difficult if that production was brought to a sudden halt by the prospect of holidays that are not observed on your side of the globe.

Whether it’s the Diwali of India or the Holy Week of the Philippines, neither of which are as highly observed in the British/American calendar.

It’s not really the same when it’s the other way around either. Think of outsourced telemarketing as a sort of delivery service. It doesn’t really matter if you’re in the office or not so long as the package is left at the door for them to pick up after their own holiday. On the other hand, when you come around to visit (maybe to renew a campaign, a weekly meet-up, or just to give feedback) you’ll find their establishment closed for theirs. It’s not hard to imagine the strain this might have so here are some simple ways to mitigate it:

  • Research on the country, not just the company – A little bit of cultural research never hurt anybody and can be a fun learning experience. Not only will you learn more about when they could be unavailable, you’ll have some stock knowledge in case you want to go somewhere for a vacation.

  • Ask them yourselves – You already have the benefit of closely collaborating with an offshore company. Why hesitate to ask? It can either prompt you to do more research or better yet, save you the trouble of finding out yourself.

  • Know the common means of maintaining production – Outsourced companies that have been up for years will know a trick or two of maintaining production (even during their own holidays). Ask them what those are regardless if you’re already doing business or are still in the phase of meeting their own sales rep.

Don’t let unexpected holidays raise suspicion between you and your vendors. In hindsight, it can actually be petty if you had just prepared or ask. Why not do it now so you can prepare for their holidays as you do yours?

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Outsourced Telemarketing Tips – Their Holidays and Yours

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