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Pitchbox Better Manages Your Online Relationship Building


It’s tough getting noticed on the Internet and you oftentimes can expect your greatest opportunities to come to you. Instead, it pays to be proactive, actively seeking out your prospects and following through to close the deal. The trouble is figuring out how you can manage all of those messages and all of those contacts in any sort of organized fashion.

Working to provide you with “a better way to develop new opportunities” is an online service called Pitchbox. They say that it’s great for sales, public relations, influencer marketing, recruiting affiliates and more. And it all works from within your web browser, so you can access your account from just about anywhere, all without having to install anything.

Managing Your Marketing Opportunities

The core idea behind Pitchbox is that it provides you with a unified dashboard where you can more easily manage all of your leads and prospects.

You can create multiple campaigns and projects so that all of your data is suitably organized. The way that it works is that you effectively use Pitchbox as a web-based e-mail client that taps into your existing e-mail account. You then use the provided tools to seek out the people and sites with whom you want to work. All of your conversations are then tracked, complete with progress reports, so that you can follow-up accordingly.

CRM for Outreach Prospects

The example used in the nearly 8-minute demo video (which you should definitely watch to get a better idea of how Pitchbox works) is to seek out blog and site owners with whom you’d like to partner on some sort of marketing campaign.


With the old school method, you would then manually make your way through the countless websites on the Internet to find suitable prospects, sift through their pages to find contact information, and then compose an individual message to the site owner. You’d then have to figure out a way to keep track of all those messages you’re sending out. Pitchbox does all that grunt work for you.

You simply define the niche or keywords that you’d like to target, establish some of the criteria you may have (like a minimum PageRank), and let Pitchbox find the relevant sites for you. It’ll also pull in their contact information, which you can manually review, and then use a template wherein you can easily insert personal info like the site’s name, recent blog post title, and so forth. From there, it’s even possible to time out up to two more follow-up emails when the contact doesn’t respond to the first message.

Every Step of the Way

As you can see, Pitchbox can operate much like a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, except more in the context of marketing, though it could just as easily be used for sales too. Your entire workflow can be managed from this dashboard, even allowing you to assign tasks to other members of your team.


The reporting is quite robust and you can look into any contacts that may have been left idle or unattended to for more than a certain period of time. This will remind you that you have already pitched these prospects and you need to follow up to close the deal. And that continuing conversation can all be handled within the Pitchbox ecosystem without having to open up your separate email client.

You can see how Pitchbox can be effective for Internet marketing, but it can also be incredible useful for link building or even the removal of links in line with your overall SEO strategy.

How Much Does Pitchbox Cost?

There are four pricing plans for Pitchbox, all of which come with a free 15-day trial with no credit card required. Pitchbox does not require any long-term contracts and you can cancel at any time. The Starter plan is $150 per month to handle up to 2 projects and 30 active campaigns, ramping up to the $499 Ultra plan for 15 projects and 250 active campaigns. All plans include support for unlimited users, but have varying support for campaign sizes and email accounts.

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Pitchbox Better Manages Your Online Relationship Building

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