Monday, March 17, 2014

3 Ways to Best Capitalize Upon LinkedIn

Amongst the most popular social media sources, LinkedIn seems to be the one many people can’t figure out how to use. Sure, it’s simple to set up an account and connect with people, but what’s the REAL VALUE of this network?

#1 – Infographics: Infographics are great ways to establish particular expertise and enhance your reputation, quickly and succinctly. These allow you to deliver detailed and expansive information in a single, clean image. Positioned properly, you can leverage a series of infographics to introduce prospects to your business and compel them to come to you for more information.

#2 – The right people on the bus: Resumes really tell us very little about what people actually did in their previous work. But a LinkedIn profile can tell us who they worked with, what sorts of things they accomplished, and what colleagues actually believe their strengths to be. To whit, you may be looking at 5 different people all with similar communications degrees and previous titles. But which will be the best fit for your company in that specific position, with your specific team? Looking at where they have succeeded in the past will offer you more information, and at the same time, reveal whether or not THEY know how to promote themselves.

#3 – A “non sales” selling tool: Many sales experts calculate that customers are ready to make a buying decision after 6 customer “touches.” But how do you get there without becoming annoying, cloying, or aggressive? Your strategy needs some non threatening, “non sales” selling tools. A LinkedIn connection request can serve as one of those. Not only will the customer appreciate the gesture, but they will be given an opportunity to see your circle of influence and previous success.

LinkedIn is a different social media platform and should be approached differently. The same PR strategies that work on Facebook or Twitter should not be applied to your LinkedIn profile. After all, you wouldn’t use a hammer to tighten a pipe or a wrench to screw in a light bulb, so why the “one size fits all” approach to social media?

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3 Ways to Best Capitalize Upon LinkedIn

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